Sunday, March 29, 2009

visit to the grandparents

so, it has really been great being home...we went on a great walk yesterday with mom and dad. alle ate soooo much grass that she threw was pretty yucky!!

Dad caught a cold and doesn't feel well today. mom took us to her mom's house. it was sooooo much fun. alle wanted to play with grandma's dog but she got really scared when she saw alle and me walk in and even with only alle outside...she was too scared to play. Grandma said it was because we were soooo big. Mom picked grandma's dog and brought her iside. she brought her over to me cause grandma was petting me, but she was still pretty scared so mom put her down and she went into her own room. Then grandpa and mom's brother came's brother went caught alle going upstairs too. Alle said upstairs was great...i just liked to be in the kitchen where grandma was cooking.

what a great day!!!


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