Monday, March 30, 2009

helping mom

So mom finished putting everything away and i helped. When we were at the hotel, mom washed our beds. I found this great leather thing so i hid it under the bed...WHO KNEW MOM WOULD LOOK UNDER MY BED!!! for SOME reason, mom was looking at my bed....i think she wants to get another one like it, anyway she lifted up the corner of my bed and she found the leather thing....She told me I couldn't have it that it was dad and her passports! Passports....i wonder where Rip and i can go with them??? I just know we would have lots of fun!!!!!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

visit to the grandparents

so, it has really been great being home...we went on a great walk yesterday with mom and dad. alle ate soooo much grass that she threw was pretty yucky!!

Dad caught a cold and doesn't feel well today. mom took us to her mom's house. it was sooooo much fun. alle wanted to play with grandma's dog but she got really scared when she saw alle and me walk in and even with only alle outside...she was too scared to play. Grandma said it was because we were soooo big. Mom picked grandma's dog and brought her iside. she brought her over to me cause grandma was petting me, but she was still pretty scared so mom put her down and she went into her own room. Then grandpa and mom's brother came's brother went caught alle going upstairs too. Alle said upstairs was great...i just liked to be in the kitchen where grandma was cooking.

what a great day!!!


Friday, March 27, 2009

we had a cool time

So, mom and dad took us to a hotel!! It was GREAT!! Ripley wasn't to sure about it at first...she blamed me cause i made the house a mess before we left. But it was really cool....we had a great bed...good food...lots of walks...and a lot of petting...then we had a bath!!!

Mom and dad got us was sooooooo great to see them!! Ripley won't leave mom or dad's side. She really missed them even though she did enjoy it at the hotel. Mom and dad brought us some great pupcakes and some new toys! Rip is checking out the toys...they are a little "different."

All in all...the hotel was great but it is great to be home!


Monday, March 16, 2009

up early

so clearly something is alle got up really early this into the trash in the office..took dad's new mouse pad.....went into the living room and got some rice, got into mom's purse and generally got into EVERYTHING....then she went into mom and dads room and looked out the window. She woke mom up and mom came looking....she was just SHOCKED at what she saw...she just looked at alle and said that she knew alle was up to something. that mom...she is pretty smart....even early in the morning!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

not a good look

Yesterday, when dad went to the store and put us in his office to keep us out of trouble (HA HA HA HA), Alle tried on his reading glasses! I told her the glasses weren't a good look for her. Okay...I actually laughed, but that's what I meant to say if I could have stopped laughing. Alle wasn't too crazy about "the look" either, I guess, because she started chewing them. To say that dad was upset when he saw what was left of his glasses would be an understatement. He chased Alle all over the house. Fat chance he'll ever catch her. I mean...Alle isn't that fast compared to me, but compared to dad?!?! OMG! I'm laughing my ass off again!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


FINALLY!! mom gave us good food to eat!!!! alle found the new cans and she tried to get dad to give us more!! OMG that last stuff she gave us....well let's just say trash tasted better!! and the food mom made us was good until she used...BEETS!!! who said we liked BEETS!!! then they got us that !$%*...ANYTHING should taste great after that!!! Hopefully we will have a decent meal tomorrow!!

rip and alle

Monday, March 9, 2009

Run of the house

We love it when daddy goes out & leaves us to roam the whole house! When he went to the post office (whatever that is) Alle tried out the bathtub for size (for when she takes her bath before her date) and left big paw prints that amazed daddy. Then daddy found 4 of his hats and our jackets on the floor. His hats really don't go with our "look", so we just chewed them a little. Turns out...they aren't very tasty either. We were thinking of getting that "European look" for our know, with a spiffy chapeau and a cape. (Mom's scarf tasted better than it looked on us so that's out)

Time to relax. Hope daddy takes us for a walk again tomorrow.

Alle & Rip

Thursday, March 5, 2009

oh that alle!!!

uh oh....alle is in trouble!!! Dad caught her with mom's sponge (apparently, she doesn't have another one of those scrunchy thingys). then when mom came home, alle went into her bag and took out her scarf. i think she just wanted to try it on...but mom came and took it from her and told her that she can't take things out of her bag.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cloaking devices available?? went to take a shower and she asked dad where did he put her scrunchy said he put it in the shower, mom couldn't find it so dad went to look...OMG....i wonder how to become invisible right said he put it there and i was with him. he told mom that he told me to stay out of the scrunchy thing is missing, it isn't in the they went looking...then i heard the found it in the living room not in the condition she you think they will know it was me???? Oh and dad said he will have to go to something called defcon 5??? i wonder if that means they will get me more scrunchy thingys??


Explains a lot

Well, I guess this solves the mystery as to who took the toothpaste on Monday. Wait a sec!
Missing! Alle's getting ready for a DATE! Dad better keep a close eye on Big Red to make sure her suitor is trustworthy.

Wonder if Alle's "friend" (snicker) has a friend for me. As the "cougar" of the family, he'd better be younger than me!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


well, today we were good but alle thought we needed to brush our teeth so she found a toothbrush in the bathroom. when mom came home, she asked who was using her toothbrush...she said she was sure it was alle who got it counter surfing in the bathroom..i think she thinks that cause rip doesn't go on tiles...ooops!! oh mom had to get a new toothbrush!!!

alle and ripley

Monday, March 2, 2009

happy barthday!

Yea....Today is Ripley's birthday...she is 5! i think i will bark and howl a great happy birthday tune to her!!

Happy Barthday toooooooooo you!!!
Happy Barthday toooooooooo you!!!
Happy Barthday toooooooooo Ripley!!!
Happy Barthday toooooooooo you!!!



that dad...he called mom this morning to see if she had given me my pills, she had forgotten so now DAD had to give them to me....HE JUST COULDN'T HAVE LET WELL ENOUGH ALONE!!
I showed him though.....he tried hiding them in food...but i found them and spit them out! he called mom and said he would make sure she remembered to give them to me...DARN doesn't mess around giving them to me....she is really good!