Tuesday, February 3, 2009


OMG!!!! Dad left us outside this afternoon and i think he forgot about us. So i found a pot that made great noise...i banged it against the fence and then dad remembered us and let us back in the house! dad told mom that he thought it was like prisoners banging against their cells what ever that is!

anyway, we had a pretty quiet day otherwise....rip found some squirrel in the tree and so we barked at it for a while...peter, our neighbor thought it was kinda funny...i still don't get why rip wants me to bark at the thing...but i humored rip.

tonight, i just curled up on dads pillows and went to sleep until mom made us go out. rip was sleeping in the office where mom and dad were working.


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Anonymous said...

Just like the Cooler King in the Great Escape....need to watch them....