Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yeah, we're irresistable! Duh!

WOW! What a day! Daddy took me & Ripley for a nice walk down to the church and we sniffed everything and I ate a ton of grass! yummmmm

And then, on our way back, this lady stopped her car, got out (and daddy grabbed his walking stick a little tighter) and she came over to me & Rip & started hugging and petting us. Thank God daddy didn't start beating her with his walking stick (which, by the way, is totally wicked cool).

We slept most of the day, but during one of our yard visits, little "Miss Let's Run Around" (Ripley) started with her barking and trying to get me to run. Well, today I stood my ground and gave that little b*%#@ some "back off" teeth. Gosh it felt good, but I couldn't help thinking that I heard some hooting and laughing coming from inside the house. I didn't see anyone so maybe it was my immagination.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm pooped.


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