Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dad is still mad

Dad is still mad....the guy finally came to fix the thing so we can get on the internet and he didn't fix it. He is supposed to come back this morning. mom was pretty mad too...she asked dad what the guy planned to do since he didn't bring anything with him. since dad is pretty upset...we have tried to be pretty good (all in all) mom did find some stuff on the floor and asked alle about it...then she found the toy it came was ok with that but it is one of alle's favorite may have to get a new toy for alle....wonder where she got it???



Anonymous said...

So how long has it been without internet?

ripley and alle said...

it has been since Jan 2....ugh! the guy came today and fixed it but when mom came home dad was on the phone with the guys cause it was sooooooo isn't happy yet!