Wednesday, January 7, 2009

checking out the wines! is still pretty upset that he can't get on the internet. he said the guy should be here today...YEA!!!!!

anyway on monday, dad left us alone for a couple of minutes and we wanted to check out what kinda wine would be good with the GREAT food mom cooks for us so we found dad's electric wine thingy. we were just getting ready to check it out when dad found us. Darn dad!

Mom brought home some toys the other day as was going to check them out but she started getting into the bag when mom was close found her, called dad over, and took the bag away!

i guess dad is still a little upset about his pillow cause he closes the bedroom doors now so i can't get on the bed.....oooooooo.....i really miss his pillows.....they are sooooooooo soft and fluffy.


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