Friday, January 30, 2009

How good are we!!

Dad's foot has been hurting him, so we have tried to be pretty good (well at least i have been). alle got up on the bed and was lying on dad's caught her and chased her off of them. Mom started laughing though....once dad left the room, alle got right back on them!

Alle here: HOW COULD I NOT!! his pillows are sooooooooo soft. but now about you know she BARKED at me trying to get me to run????? Gosh...if i wanted to run, i would have done so before now! Ya know, i am tall, blonde and beautiful....WHY do i need to run...quick answer...I DON'T!!!!

rip and alle

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

mmmmmmmm tootsie pops!!!

so dad left us on our own today, not in the whole house :>(
and we found a tootsie pop!!!! I tasted it...i personally preferred the stick! i don't know what is so great about the pop part so i left it for dad! otherwise, we have been pretty hasn't gotten after us at all.

Mom on the other hand has been telling me that i can't jump on her...she is trying to teach me not to jump...but it is sooooooo exciting to see her when she gets home!


Monday, January 26, 2009

uh again!

mom came home today and asked what was on the living room floor. we just looked at her. then she told us that she spent all night pinning this thing she was making and she wasn't too happy. seems as though we took some of the stuffing stuff out of the thing she was making.....but it was soooooo soft. did we say mom wasn't too happy??

rip and alle

Saturday, January 24, 2009

we made mom laugh!!!

so, today dad went out and left us in charge of the house!!! He was just AMAZED when he came home. he immediately called mom, she was at a conference and dad said she was coming home today. he told her that we weren't so good, but he didn't say anything else.

Yea, mom's home!!!

Mom came in the house and dad showed her what we did and she just started laughing!!! you can see the pictures! seems to like these white things that come out of boxes...well, we found them and we wanted to see what was so great about them. Hmmmm....don't really see the what he sees in them!

rip and alle

Friday, January 23, 2009

making drinks!

we wanted to make a drink for mom when she came home so we went looking and we found this GREAT looking drink margarita. unfortunately, we couldn't find the alcohol to go in it and we spilled a little on the floor which made dad come looking...he took away our drink making privileges!

rip and alle

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yeah, we're irresistable! Duh!

WOW! What a day! Daddy took me & Ripley for a nice walk down to the church and we sniffed everything and I ate a ton of grass! yummmmm

And then, on our way back, this lady stopped her car, got out (and daddy grabbed his walking stick a little tighter) and she came over to me & Rip & started hugging and petting us. Thank God daddy didn't start beating her with his walking stick (which, by the way, is totally wicked cool).

We slept most of the day, but during one of our yard visits, little "Miss Let's Run Around" (Ripley) started with her barking and trying to get me to run. Well, today I stood my ground and gave that little b*%#@ some "back off" teeth. Gosh it felt good, but I couldn't help thinking that I heard some hooting and laughing coming from inside the house. I didn't see anyone so maybe it was my immagination.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm pooped.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it is sooooo cool!!

What a great day!!! First mom went out and brought home her nieces. we had great fun playing...they even fed us! But just as brought home MORE PILLOWS!!!! Now she made both of us pillow beds!!! We'll see how they work out tonight!

Rip and Alle


there i was lying on mom and dad's bed last night and riply came in and plopped her body on my nice pillow bed AGAIN! when i asked her to get off she said no in no uncertain terms and she used some really bad words! I tied a couple of times duing the night to get my bed back, but NOOOOOOOO....i had to sleep on my regular bed. I finally got some sleep when mom and dad got up...then i go on their bed!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

what the *********!

OMG......we got up this morning racing to our breakfast and mom hadn't cooked for us....she opened a CAN!! We just couldn't believe it!!! so we went outside. When we came in....SAME STUFF! WHAT DID WE DO??????? We just looked at mom. She said she would cook later. SHE BETTER....cause right now we are NOT happy.

rip and alle

Saturday, January 17, 2009

today was soooooo coooool!!

we had such a great day today!!! Dad went out and mom was gone so we were left on our own! ripley thought her fur was getting a little frizzy so i found some of mom's hair de-frizzer to use. then we were a little thirsty and we found some of moms starbucks peppermint chocolate frappachino...unfortunately, we couldn't get the bottles open so we just ripped up the cardboard carrier. after all that we wanted to gel out so we found one of dad's cds but we couldn't get it into the machine that would make it work. it was about then that dad came home....boy did he have some colorful words. we just stared at him!


Friday, January 16, 2009

alle got caught!

ooooooo.....nellie saw something in the living room and asked dad what that knew right away....alle got one the moshi pillow. dad thinks it fell out of the linen closet and alle got it. she only got a couple of holes in it so he caught her before it could snow in the living room! he saved it for mom to see. mom just laughed...



THAT DARN RIPLEY....SHE SLEPT ON MY SOFT PILLOW BED AGAIN!!!! Fortunately, dad got up early so i got on the bed and slept on his pillows. BUT THEN.....when mom got up, she fed us (well ripley....i chose to sleep!) but i went out with ripley and she had the NERVE TO MAKE ME TRY TO RUN!!! OMG....IT IS 6 IN THE FRIGGIN MORNING!!

I need rest!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

alle finds more stuff!

well, alle was pretty good today, she did manage to find a wallet to get into...i think she was looking for shopping money! Otherwise, she just tore up a pad mom put under our dishes to keep the floor clean!

i could say that alle is growing up...but i can't really say that with a straight nose!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

tired today

after such a busy day yesterday, we were really tired and basically slept all day long!

alle and ripley

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

what a day!!!

what a busy day it was. first off...MOM WAS HOME!!!! Then some guys came to the house to do some work. they were a little noisy...but it was outside so it wasn't too bad. when they came in, IT WAS GREAT cause the pet us!! while they were here mom took us for a long walk. I saw this HUGE dog in a yard....well mom said it was a was was a little scary, but mom didn't let it get too near closer than i could get my nose into the gate!


Monday, January 12, 2009

dad scared alle

dad was messin with alle's mind today. he turned off the lights and put some lights on his eyes. alle was scared. she didn't know what was going on. i think he was getting back at her for getting into stuff today...nothing too bad or exciting...she just kept him busy. not like me...i just slept!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

it was scary

last night it was very scary, there were things on the wall and on the ceiling. Mom told me not to worry, it was just a light she had on to read...but i don't was pretty weird. Mom finally turned that light off and it was much better. maybe it was her light. rip was just sleeping.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

mom is watching

Mom heard alle in the living room this morning but she wasn't doing anything but rolling on the couch. A little later, dad called mom to look at something in the kitchen and mom saw alle with a toy. You could was thinking cause a few seconds later, she took it from alle and asked alle if she had given it to her...alle just looked at her. So....what did alle have? well....she got the other parrot that was hanging in the corner. what caught moms attention was that it was red....she couldn't remember any red toy we had been given. Dad was AMAZED. that parrot was pretty high up. alle is kinda good...but she still can't run.


That goody four paws

Hey that ripley isn't perfect. She had the NERVE last night to sleep on MY BED. I had to sleep on her's. I missed my mom added pillows to it so it would be really comfy for me! DARN that Ripley.


yep we're back!!

So dad came out of the office yesterday morning cause he said he heard a thud! i just looked at him while alle lopped off. Dad found a bag he uses in the living room...i know that alle was starting to go through it but dad heard her! THEN LATER dad heard a crunch.....again....i was JUST laying down. alle tried to hid the pen she was chewing up under her paws....bud dad wasn't fooled...he made alle get up and then found the pen! He is getting smarter!!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're back!!! sort of!

well, the guy came out and fixed this thing so we can post again without going through mom! he was up on the roof for a long time....we just waited until he came down so he could pet us! dad is still upset though cause this thing seems slow...we basically decided to just sleep while most of this was going on since dad was sooooo upset! hmmmm maybe tomorrow will be different!

alle and ripley

Dad is still mad

Dad is still mad....the guy finally came to fix the thing so we can get on the internet and he didn't fix it. He is supposed to come back this morning. mom was pretty mad too...she asked dad what the guy planned to do since he didn't bring anything with him. since dad is pretty upset...we have tried to be pretty good (all in all) mom did find some stuff on the floor and asked alle about it...then she found the toy it came was ok with that but it is one of alle's favorite may have to get a new toy for alle....wonder where she got it???


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

checking out the wines! is still pretty upset that he can't get on the internet. he said the guy should be here today...YEA!!!!!

anyway on monday, dad left us alone for a couple of minutes and we wanted to check out what kinda wine would be good with the GREAT food mom cooks for us so we found dad's electric wine thingy. we were just getting ready to check it out when dad found us. Darn dad!

Mom brought home some toys the other day as was going to check them out but she started getting into the bag when mom was close found her, called dad over, and took the bag away!

i guess dad is still a little upset about his pillow cause he closes the bedroom doors now so i can't get on the bed.....oooooooo.....i really miss his pillows.....they are sooooooooo soft and fluffy.


Monday, January 5, 2009

dad didn't move our beds--Sunday Jan 4

today was a quiet day....still no internet. dad didn't get our beds moved so rip slept in the bedroom well until jay came over...he was here for a few minutes then he and dad went out. so we went back to sleep. all in all a quiet day.

Shiny things going away--For Sat Jan 3

Mom has been putting away the nice shiny things. Darn and we had sooo much fun with them...though it was hard not to try to play with them. she is putting away the toys she said we couldn't have cause they were not for us. :---(

Forgot to say that when mom came home yesterday she brought some great toys for us, so all was not bad yesterday.

we heard dad on the phone this morning trying to see if he could get the internet doesn't seem to be working

alle and rip

OMG Friday, Jan 2 post

Well...we were good today. But dad got soooooo mad. someone was here working on dads computer and as soon as they left dad came back into the office and it was broke....boy was dad mad! he called mom and then he called for someone to fix it. no one came back and mom came home and said it was broke...really broke. Mom said no internet for any of us. so we weren't able to post anything. Mom said she would post for us on monday. So anyway after being so good all day, alle then got on the bed and ripped up dads pillow. well...that wasn't good and he kinda yelled at alle. alle knew she had done wrong cause she came slinking out of the bedroom.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

too good to be true

we were sooooo good today. we didn't get into anything!!! Mom was home today so she was watching us!! So we just decided to have lots of fun with our toys. We were even good when dad wanted to take a nap. Alle didn't try to get on the bed and bark at him at all. We think mom will go to work tomorrow...maybe we can bug dad then!