Sunday, December 6, 2009


Mom and dad took us to the park again today with one of their friends. We had soooooo much fun until mom fell. So what happened to mom???? well, there were some dogs running and apparently a dog ran into mom and hit her leg really hard, mom landed on the ground...she said she was really hurting. when she tried to stand up, she couldn't stand on one leg. dad and another person carried mom to the car and then dad got us. They took us home but mom didn't get out of the car. then mom and dad left...OMG!! they didn't get home for HOURS!!!! When they had these funny sticks with her...they were pretty scarry. dad said something about mom having broken her leg...DAD WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO US....WE STILL GET TO GO ON WALKS AND TO THE PARK AGAIN...RIGHT??????

we hope so, mom is really scary with those stick even had dinner with her legs sticking up....hmmmmmmm something is really not right here...

ripley and alle

Saturday, December 5, 2009

our great adventure!

OMG have we ever been busy!!! Mom and dad had lots of people over for something they call thanksgiving! Soooo many people came over. Grandma brought us some bones to play with. Everything was going great, until Mom's nephew ratted on Ripley (he had the nerve to point out Rippy was peeing! Well...Rippy just didn't want to miss out on anything!!). We had GREAT food for the next few days cause mom had cooked for us as well!!!

Today mom and dad took us to a doggie park....OMG we ran soooooo hard! there were doggies there chasing some balls, LOLOLOLOLOLOL they thought they were soooo fast...well we showed them!!! we gave them a head start but we got to the ball faster! of course it was their balls so we let them take it back to their dads! Mom threw our balls but we didn't take them back to her so she had to go get them! Mom and dad said they will take us back there. we had lllllooootttts of fun!! we were so tired when we got home, we went to sleep.

Monday, November 23, 2009

mom's candy! was a great day!!! I tried on mom's camisole and took her socks..until dad found them. Then we got our great new jackets!! OMG we look soooo cool in will take a picture of us in them. She got them special from England.
then mom got mad at me....I don't get it...she caught me with her umbrella, and her candy. I already had eaten the twixt was worried about me but mom said i would live unless she had at me said he would protect me from mom. I was getting ready to eat her payday bar when she grabbed it from me! OMG there i was...out the umbrella and candy..well, maybe we can sing for mom and dad again like we did a couple of days ago! it was a wonderful serenade and it was early enough mom and dad could enjoy it!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

would rather have had treats!

Dad was working in the office and he took something out of one of his desk drawers. i remembered that the drawer was where he kept our treats! when he turned to work on the computer, i grabbed the treats...darn it!! the plastic bag they were in made heard it and turned as i was leaving the office and said...."HEY...DROP IT!!" GRRRRRRRRR. I showed dad...i went dumpster diving in the kitchen and found an old sponge and ripped it all just shook his head when he saw that!!


Monday, November 2, 2009

where is my sofa??????

OMG!!! what a and dad had some guys and dad said we had to stay in the office so they couldn't pet bad was that!!! when they left, mom and dad still told us we had to stay in the office. Finally, later on, they let us in the living room....OMG!!! THE SOFA ISN'T WHERE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. i told mom and dad but they just said it was going to stay this way....this isn't right. rippy just laid down and went to sleep.

On sunday, mom took us on a long walk. I had words with a dalmatian after it had words with me. i put him in his place!! it took a while to get mom to take us out. she said that the time silly, time doesn't change..but mom is now getting home when it is dark out!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fan Club

OMG! When dad took us for a walk this morning, like...this lady in a car (a Mercedes...chaaaa), stopped next to us and said, "Hi gorgeous". (I hope dad didn't think she was talking to him, but I did hear him whisper, HEY NOW! WELL...HOW DEE DO!) BOLBOLBOLBOL Ohhhh, puh...leeze!

Then she said she had to get out and say hello. Ahhh, our fans! She came around to us and petted us and kissed us and said all kinds of wonderful things about how gorgeous we were (and by "we", I mean me). We never get tired of our adoring fans and their petting.

Hope we meet more fans tomorrow!

Hey...I heard that crack about "and by 'we', I mean me". That alle is so full of herself and, judging from what she did during our walk this morning, TWICE, she's full of something else too! BOLBOLBOLBOL


Friday, October 16, 2009

finally walks!!

it was raining a few days this week so dad didn't take us for a walk...not to worry...we managed to cause enough work for dad in the house!!! we raced and chased and got into stuff!! Dad was really happy when it stopped raining and we went for walks!! So what did we do...well...we got into mom's sewing into trash...found some into dads office drawer where he keeps treats for us...

then a couple of nights ago...there were lots of cars around our and dad said they were police cars. mom and dad took us out to see what was going on...the police thought we were beautiful...well...duh!!!

then a night ago, mom was running to get something from the office at the same time ripley was running to the kitchen. rip saw mom and turned, mom dove over rip to keep from hurting her...OMG you should have seen mom!!!! She looked like something from a circus!! Rip didn't get hit, dad ran to see how mom was, she was ok!

What a busy week!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

pretty uneventful

mom took us on long walk today and we saw a rottweiler. alle wanted to meet it but mom said she didn't know it and she wasn't sure if it was a nice dog. It didn't want to come near us so we just walked by and ignored him. When we were in the park, we saw a lady walking two small dogs, a Lhasa apso and a shar pei...alle wanted to play with them so she barked at them....they ran behind the lady....we were told alle not to scare them...we had seen them before. then on our way home, we saw the goat and llama...the goat actually said hi (at least that is what we think it said..we are not up on our "goat").

this afternoon some guy came is a new neighbor...he was talking to dad. he seemed very nice, alle saw something and she raced after it...yea..the girl does have it in her to run...anyway..the guy said he should have us to chase rabbits from his yard...he said he has a lot...mmmmmmmmmm rabbits!!!

i had my shots yesterday. dad took both of us and everyone at the doctors office pet us and told us how wonderful we are...yes...we know! we are fabulous!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

this guy wasn't too smart!

LOLOLOLOLOLOL we were out for a walk with mom this morning and some guy was "running" with two dalmatians. Alle wanted to go with him but the guy said we probably wouldn't be able to keep up...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...I could have run 500 yards in 30 seconds (well anyway i could...alle...well...she can still run pretty fast when she wants to!). mom told us to settle down, the guy clearly did NOT know to whom he was talking!! Then we saw some golden retrievers in the park just running and said we couldn't do that cause the park was not fenced so we could be safe. Oh was a great walk!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gotta be more quiet

Well, THIS time...I grabbed TWO big towels AND a washcloth and brought them into our bedroom so fast, Dad didn't have time to make it out of his chair before he noticed I was already laying down on my bed looking innocent! ("I don't know how that stuff got there" eye contact) I have to admit, it was kinda noisy this time, but I did manage to get the wet towel (dad took a shower this a.m.) OFF OF THE TOWEL RACK (first time ever!)...and an extra towel and washcloth out of the hamper. Stumbling on the trash can in the bathroom made some noise when I yanked the towel off the rack.

A girl has to have new challenges! BOBOBOLBOL

Even dad was impressed this time. He stood up & applauded.

Yep...I'm the greatest!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

mmmmmm taffy

HEY....Whats up with this!!! Mom and dad were holding out on us...they brought us some salt water taffy home with them when they came back from vacation!! Fortunately, i found it and have sunk my teeth into the box! Darn that dad...he found it and took it away from me...I fixed him though...i kept some pieces under me so he wouldn't find them...mmmmmmmmm sure is good! Uh is dad...he is telling me to drop it...hmmmm drop or swallow...drop or swallow.......


Monday, September 28, 2009

new socks!!

This was soooo great...well until dad found out. Mom bought some new socks for me and i found them in the bathroom (well, they probably were for her, but what do i know...i am just a dog, i am beautiful and it is really all about me!). So since they were sooooo convenient, i took them. i tried to put them on, but i got tired and decided to take a nap. Well, dad saw one of the socks on the bathroom floor (d*^%must have fallen when i took them) and called mom. he then came looking for me and there i was laying peacefully on the couch. He found the other three socks by my head. He told me that mom said they were not for me and took them away...hmmmm i wonder if that is really what mom said or if dad was just making that up, was with mom when she bought them for herself...D#@$% Mom!!!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

the wiggle waggle

Mom and dad took us to a wiggle waggle walk today. mom said it was a benefit for the Pasadena Humane Society...OMG it was sooooo hot...everybody admired us and pet us. Ripley was a bit scared of all the big dogs, mom kept telling her she was ok, mom wouldn't let anyone hurt her. Mom and dad tried to keep us in the shade but we did have to go out in the sun a fair amount. Anyway...they had us walking it seemed like foooorrrreeevvveeerrrr! There were spots of water...we were getting ready to leave when riple walked into one of the water things and just laid down! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???!!! THE WATER WASN'T EVEN CLEAN!!!! I didn't go in the water...what and mess up my hair???!! Rippy did look comfy though...take a look at her in the water.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Down on the Farm

Mom helped us get ready for the "Down on the Farm" PawPawty this weekend. Don't we look great on the llama farm?

rip and all

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just resting!

So there i was, lying peacefully on the bed when dad came in and said "hey girl...what you doing?" I kinda ignored him...and he said "well, ok, you can stay...but BE GOOD!" yea....WHAT EVER!!!

well, i got up, and took the towel out of dad's gym bag....then dad came in and found it and took it away from me...hey...i just want to be comfortable!

when he left i took one of his flip flops and had it next to me...D#$%* dad...he found that and took it away too....HEY DAD!!!

I showed him though....i went into the closet and took out one of his sandals and had it on the bed with me....i was almost totally asleep when DARN THAT DAD...HERE HE COMES AGAIN!! he took his shoe and told me now i had to get off the bed and leave the bedroom....GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


LOLOLOLOL took moms scrunch thing....uh oh...dropped it on the way outside....DOH!!! Dad found it and took it away from me. then dad called mom....he told mom it was smaller, but still alive...he asked mom why she didn't put it said she was thinking of other said like that is a good thing!! i note sarcasm??!!


Saturday, September 19, 2009


OMG...just got back from LLLLLLOOOOOONNNNGGGG walk with mom..we are so tired we can barely get this blog out!

So we left the house this morning and Chaz was there....Chaz lives down the street from us and he just roams the streets it seems...anyway, there he was. He followed us, we went by his house and we figured he would stay home, but nooooooo...he continued following us! he followed us into the park/reservoir area where we met two other dogs...a beagle and what looked to be a dogue de bordeaux, they were very nice. mom was talking to their parents while chaz explored the flat area of the park. When we continued on our walk, chaz came with us, he wanted to play and so did alle but mom said alle couldn't be off her leash (mom really is smart!). We were on our way home and chaz was in front of us when suddenly he went into a yard....we heard lots of noise and then chaz runs out....OMG..he was ALL WET! He had been sloshing around in a water feature/pond in someones front yard!! LOLOLOLOLOL, now he was wet and dirty!!!! we passed his house on the way home but he stayed with us and when we got home, he went to lie down in the horses told dad she wouldn't want to be Chaz's parents when he gets home!!!!

now it is time to sleep.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the tree!

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Mom bought us a little tree (emphasis on LITTLE). she said it would grow bigger and give us shade...RIGHT MOM!!! She planted it in the corner of the yard where we like to lie down...well, we showed mom...GET US A BIG TREE OR DON'T BOTHER!!! we dug it up! Dad tried to stop us, but he wasn't outside with us all the time! mom came home and is trying to replant the tree!!!! oh....this is soooooo great!!!

ripley and alle

Sunday, September 13, 2009

mom's purse

LOLOLOLOL...i took mom's purse and took out her insurance papers and band aid kit! LOLOLOLOL!!! Mom found it though...she told me i could NOT take the car to drive and i didn't need any band aids! so mom took those away and put them back in her purse. When mom was eating lunch (not giving me the way MOM!!!) i took her purse....DOH!!!! MOM caught me!!! Mom said i could not have her purse or any of its contents! Darn!! That means the credit cards are out....FOR NOW!!!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


LOLOLOLOL....we were sooooo happy, we were singing last night! Somehow we don't think mom and dad enjoyed it as much as we did cause they came in our room, asked us what was up, let us and dad it was 2AM????? What exactly were we to do outside at that hour???? We just stared at the door til mom let us back in and we went to bed!!


Ripley and alle

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back home

Wooohoooo!!! Mom and dad are home!!!! We had sooooo much fun at the hotel, but it is really good to be home....WHAT NO PRESENTS FOR US!!! OMG!! Oh well, at least mom and dad didn't forget how to give us treats!!

LOLOLOL!!!! Alle had to get her shots while she was at the hospital!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

UH OH mom finally found her Herrods umbrella that i took (actually Nellie found it, took it away from me and put it just didn't know where she put it). Mom said "NO Alle, it is not yours!!!"

Hey, what is this...looks like dad brought Alle some cool new shirts!!! Hey dad, these are really cool....WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY ARE NOT FOR ME???????? Man, we are ready to go back to the hotel!!!!

OMG....WHAT DID MOM DO....there is a TREE in the corner of our yard....HELLOOOO....MOM....THAT IS WHERE WE NAP!!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?????

Riply and Alle

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hey whats up??!!

YEY!!!! Mom came home early...OMG we get to go for a ride in the car!!! How much fun is that! hmmmm seems we are going to our doctor and the hotel....we love it there...they are all soooo nice to us! HEY WAIT A MINUTE...THAT MEANS MOM AND DAD ARE GOING SOMEWHERE!! OMG....they had better bring us some good stuff!

ripley and alle

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

what a day

Darn it!!!! dad let us out today...i turned around cause i dropped something and dad saw it...OMG dad said " did this washcloth get here???" I just looked at dad and said...what are you talking about? but dad said...i didn't drop it here...ripley doesn't go in the bathroom...that just leaves you. I tried to say hey what about mom???!! Dad said and mom is at work...THAT LEAVES YOU!! Grrrrrrr!!!!

Dad also caught me with the Trader Joe's bag...hey can i help it...Mom went to Trader Joe's and i was trying to see if she got us anything....she didn't give us i could only assume that she forgot to take it out of the bag (dad took a pic of me with it).

Then mom caught me with her work stuff...she told me that if i wanted to help with her work...i had to tell her...she didn't want to get to work and find out i had taken it!

We actually think mom and dad are up to has been checking out the rolly bags mom brought upstairs. mom has been putting stuff in them...something is up...we know!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

on guard and scaring dad!!!

OMG!!! dad heard a noise in the living room and raced out to see what alle was getting into! For once he found that alle wasn't really in trouble....she saw a squirrel on our BALCONY!!! she started roooooing....the squirrel looked at her and man, you should have seen it leap off the balcony...we think it was a new world record!!!

BOLBOLBOL!!!! dad called mom yesterday cause he said my nose was warm and dry. Mom told him that it was ok...i was still running around and eating well. So anyway today dad was standing up getting something out of his cabinet thingy and i sneaked up behind him and poked him with my nose...which by the way was wet and cold today!!! WOW we didn't know dad could jump that high!! BOLBOLBOL!!!!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

what a walk

OMG just got back from a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGGG walk with mom...WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO DO TO US?????? we are soooooo tired now, i have no energy to try to go after dad's cookies!! Rip is already lying down on the bed sleeping...that sounds like a good idea. think i will do the same!!!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

helping mom work

So, yesterday, mom called dad...apparently, mom didn't know that alle was trying to help mom with her work. This is what happened. The night before last, i found mom's work in her work bag...knowing how busy mom is, i took the work out to help her. Anyway, dad gets this call yesterday morning from mom....and goes looking....then dad tells mom...."found it." Dad told alle, "Hey girl, if you are going to help mom work, you have to put the work back in her bag." fortunately, mom had plenty of other work to do that wasn't still at home with us!!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

even more cozy

WOW, was I pooped...uh, I mean tired. (I pooped by the front gate again because it makes dad's head explode.) BOLBOLBOL! Anyway, I thought sleeping with a blanket yesterday was pretty cozy, but today I found an even more cozy way to sleep...with my head between the pillow and my stuffed quacking duck. Check out my pic. Whoooooaaaa, I was out like a light.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


O. M. G.!!! Dad keeps it freezing in here. Not even our fur coats can protect us (mom doesn't even have a fur coat so I don't know how she survives). I couldn't sleep so I had to get under a blanket last night (see my pic!). Oh, the humiliation! Good thing Alle didn't see me or I'd never live it down. I gotta was pretty cozy.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

what cookies? cake? what cake?

So dad found some plastic under our blanket this morning and he called mom. Mom said she didn't know anything. we just stared at dad!!

Uh looking for something...then we hear him call mom....OH NO....he is asking mom where his cookies are! seems to be telling him she doesn't know... OH NO now it seems she told him to look on his is looking on his desk, now mom told him to look for the plastic he found dad is really moving our blanket...DARN!!! he found the rest of the bag. NOW i suppose he is going to blame us for eating his cookies!!! Yep....he is shaking his head...AGAIN!!!

Later, dad found the plastic taken off of the cake mom made....AND HE FOUND SOME OF THE CAKE MISSING!!!! Dad told mom that Alle ate it!! I am off the hook since i don't go in the kitchen!!


Lifestyle Needs

OMG! Mom caught me with her Harrod's umbrella yesterday and took it away! Dad said that I was only accessorizing and would need it to match up with the shoes I was going to buy with mom's credit card (which she also took back). Well...chaaaa! I have a certain lifestyle to maintain. she thinking?!

And then, this morning, OMG, like, dad caught me testing out the paint brushes in the front yard and took them away too! WTF?! I have lots of other doggies coming by to check me out and I can't be seen in a yard with a half finished stained patio cover. chaaaaa. If mom isn't going to finish this thing, I'll just have to do it myself. Dad just shook his head (he does that a lot) and said I can't stain the patio cover, or the deck for that matter. Wat....evrrrrrrr!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Claim on the bed!!!!

BOLBOLBOL!!! So i got to thinking that i really wanted the bed Alle was on...but the NERVE...SHE WOULDN'T MOVE!!!

So i decided to whine to let dad know we wanted to go out. Dad took the bait and opened the door. I started to act like i was going alle raced ahead of me to get outside...meanwhile, i turned around and got on the bed I wanted!!!! Dad kinda said..."hey, whats up??" BOLBOLBOL!!!! he told me i had played that hand well!!!!!



Sunday, July 26, 2009

saw goat!

OMG....went on LOOOONNNNGGGGG walk with mom!! we saw goat today...goat stared at alle...alle went up to goat but goat backed up a little...doesn't say anything...but at least it was kinda friendly!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

HEY MOM can you say SPRINTERS????!!!

OMG......just got back from batan death march with mom....HELLLOOOO MOM....SPRINTERS...NOT distance runners!!! we saw a couple of guys running...they said we were beautiful...well DUH!!!! we also saw llama wagged tail at us...wonder if that means we be friends now? still doesn't talk to us...just keeps moving mouth....hmmmmm just don't get it. Saw Chaz....Chaz barked at us..we ignored him, he walked behind us for a while then FINALLY went home. FINALLY mom took us home...we got a long drink, ate some, now time to take a LONG nap!!

rip and alle

Friday, July 17, 2009


Darn that dad....he found the evidence...look what he found in the pic!

How did he know?

Dad was yelling at me to stay out of the bedroom & off of the bed. How did he know I was on the bed?! Wow, I thought mom was smart, but dad is really smart. I can't figure out how he knew I was on his stupid, precious bed. Hmmmm, wonder if he has any evidence? I'll just deny everything & see if he can prove squat BOLBOLBOLBOLBOL!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the hamper!

so there i was minding my own i was checking out the clothes hamper!! when mom noticed that i was standing pretty does mom know this stuff????? mom was getting ready for work in the bathroom....i was in the bedroom...when mom came to me and said "Alle, what are you doing???" i looked at mom and said NOTHING!! mom said get away from the hamper...DARN MOM!!! Whats up with did she know what i was doing?????


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

lots of pets today!!!

Yea!!!! dad left us home alone but mom came home soon and gave us treats!! Then dad came home and he brought mom's niece home with him!! she pet us a lot!!! it was sooooo coool!!

Now dad is getting mom's lunch ready for asked mom if he put too much fish in the container for her....hey dad...if you have to ask mom...just bypass that and ask us....we are happy to eat it then you don't need to ask!!! what mom doesn't know won't hurt her!!!

rip and alle

Sunday, July 12, 2009


BOLBOLBOL!!! mom just caught me with a towel covering me!!!! she started LOL....she told dad to look at me!!! dad said...OMG...where did you get that??? D*** dog!!!! BOLBOLBOL!!!! Uh took towel away......GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

BOLBOLBOLBOL!!!!! OMG mom heard alle being busy in the other room!! she went out and saw alle starting to leave the kitchen...alle saw mom and she quickly turned to go the other way around the island......but that mom.....she is really smart....she went on the other side of the island and Mom said "ALLE what are you doing?????" Mom caught alle with a banana blueberry muffin that mom had just made for dad. Dad came out and said "whats up?" Mom showed him what alle had fact alle ate 4 MUFFINS...Paper and all!!! Mom wasn't tooooooo happy!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

our walk

So, just got took us on one hellaciously long walk! we walked to the park...we saw a dalmation...hmmmmm and we saw dog, well we think it was a dog...needs to grow's skin was all said no, that was the way it is a sharp pa? hmmmmm still looks really silly...and it stared at said it was probably thinking...hey...what are those two doing on stilts! riiiiiiigggggttttt mom....think mom needs to get some sleep...she talking crazy like!!

Anyway...we were coming home from the park when we saw some dogs coming at us with their mom and dad...OMG!!!! We would recognize that lope ANYWHERE!! one of them was a greyhound!!! their mom said we didn't know there were any other greyhounds around here! Mom was talking to their parents. I met the the grey...the lab didn't seem to interested in meeting us...thats ok....the grey and i exchanged info..he wasn't a racer either. Rip didn't really want to talk to him...she is really shyish around other thinks it was cause she looks like she was in an "altercation" in her track days. was fun but we were REALLY tired when we got home!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Ready to go surfin!!!

Mom just took a GREYT pic of us getting ready to go to the pawpawty this weekend!!!
Take a look!!!

rip and alle

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So, today is Alle's birthday. She is now three and should be an adult!!!! RIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTTT!!!! She is still an airhead!!!! Mom came home and gave us extra treats cause it is her birthday! Later i heard mom say "ALLE!!!" and not in a good way!

alle lopped out to the living room, dad said what's told him to put the light on. then dad said..."hey...whats that?" Alle just looked at dad. Mom said that is stuff from her wallet. alle said she just wanted some money or credit cards to go shopping. Mom said no....she would do the shopping! Then mom found a pair of dads pants on the sofa. dad told alle they were his, she can't have them.

Yep...alle is still a child!!!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

freaking dad out

Dad was making lunch. First he made something called "pasta".
ho hum. How interesting...NNNNNNNOT!!! Rip & me were too busy in the other room resting after our great walk this morning.

But as soon as dad got the CHICKEN out of the fridge and took off the shiny silver stuff covering it, Rip & me were in the kitchen,! chaaaa! Dad actually jumped and started muttering under his breath something about "d*mn dogs" & " how the hell do they know the second I get the meat or chicken out...smell doesn't travel at warp speed"?!

Silly dad. It's a gift.


Monday, July 6, 2009

OMG a bath!!!

BOLBOLBOL!! You should have seen mom try to get ripley into the bathroom to give her a bath!!! It was soooo funny!! rip just dug her feet into the had to come and help mom! got a bath!

So mom finishes washing rip and then she says i need a bath. She told me she knows i have been in the bathtub before....HELLLOOO MOM...that was with the purpose of getting one of your scrunchy things!

Now i hear ripley BOL

This is Ripley...OMG....I am sooooo ROFBOL!!!! Mom turned the water on in the bathtub and alle ran out of the tub! Mom had to call dad to help her cause alle didn't want a said too bad..she was gettin' a bath!!! was sooooooo funny....Look who is laughing now Alle!!!

rip and alle

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The store!

what a busy day we had yesterday! mom took us for a walk...she didn't go to work...we wondered about that but then she took us to the store and bought us some new toys and treats!! Everyone looked at us and wanted to pet us....we LOVE pets!!! Mom told us that everyone does not need to pet us...RIGHT!!! LOOK AT US MOM...We are beautiful....of course they need to pet us!! We saw some furry things running around in some cages at the store....they didn't quite look like rabbits and mom said we couldn't get them. Then alle saw some birds they were right near her! she jumped at the said she couldn't do that and we had to leave that area. we also saw 3 puff balls....they started barking at us what a surprise...but they wouldn't shut up...we just looked at them...they had little eyes on them...but WOW alllllll that fur. Mom said they were Pomeranians...NOT BAIT...she said...good to know....we were kinda confused....they really looked funny...not like us! What airheads!!! Fortunately we were finished shopping and then we went back home!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

our morning RUN

Dad let us out into the yard to poop & pee and forgot that the contractors left the big gate open! By the time he realized his mistake, I was in the street thinking, "Hey...who needs dad & a leash"?!
Rip scooted out, stopped briefly to look at dad (whose face was really red) screaming for us to come back, and then she followed me down the street. We were gone in a flash!

Dad got the "squawker" and was blowing his head off but we were off running.
Dad went back into the house to get the leashes and came after us down the hill, all the time blowing that annoying squawker. He was wearing flip flops and the sight of poor old dad running like a seal on dry land in those flip flops, trumpeting like a walrus in heat, was too much for that sissie Ripley. She ran back to dad & he put the leash on her and then they came after me.

Dad got half way down the hill (more like a mountain) and asked some girl getting into her car if she saw a blond greyhound. "You mean like this" said the nice man who was petting me on his doorstep. HE TURNED ME IN, THE RAT FINK! I stop to get petted & scratched, and the guy and his wife hold me until dad could get that leash back on me.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm kinda tired from all this excitement. Time for me & Rip to nap. I'll have dad post our pic when we wake up.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NOT funny!! had to call mom!!!! Dad caught us playing with some toy mom left out for didn't think it was a toy so he called mom... He told mom we were playing with some kinda "sunscreen" ...were we supposed to have it??? Mom said it was ok...she wasn't going to use it..unless dad was..he said mom told him it was ok..just make sure there was nothing that was going to hurt is soooooooo cool!

anyway, there we were playing when blew up on us!!!! can you believe it????? alle just looked at was LOLOLOL... he told mom when she got home that it "popped open" LIKE WHATEVER!! It was said dad should have taken a pic of us...but dad said he didn't have camera handy...GOOOD...IT WASN'T FUNNY DAD!!!

Dad took it away after that.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

sooooo hot out today!

it was soooo hot out today. Its a good thing that alle has learned to knock on the door so mom and dad can let us back in...she is trying to learn how to use the handle...once she gets that mastered!!!!


Hey there i was just minding my own business...i wanted to wash my face so i went and got a washcloth out of the bathroom. Wouldn't you turns around just when i came into the living room! She took it from me and told dad. She was showing dad what i was doing....Like she could really put it in her mouth and carry it like me...HELLLLO.....MOM REALLLY....It looks sooooo much better when i carry it!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

dad went out!!

Today was such a good day!!!! Dad took us on a was pretty uneventful but then dad went out!!! YEA!!! We went dumpster diving...took a look at some pictures he had taken, and I even got the eyeglass case down for ripley. Rip was sooooo happy, it was the same one she had yesterday!!! Dad came home and he was soooooo amazed, he even took a picture! You can experience what dad saw too....just take a look!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OMG!!! On Sunday we were bugging mom to take us for a walk...she told us to wait she had a surprise for us! WE WERE SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

it was sooooo great!! Mom put us in the car, we picked up our uncle and went over to grandmas house!!! OH NO!!!! NO GRANDMA OR GRANDPA!! WHO IS GOING TO PAY ATTENTION TO US???????!!

well, mom let us run out in the yard. Ripley laid under the tree. I looked all around. we got some snacks...I went upstairs to check it out...Uncle was in room resting...went back downstairs...went back out side...went into garden with mom...but mom shooed me out of the garden..she said i was way too big to be in garden. We ran around the yard some more.

Mom made dinner for uncle...uncle gave us some ham.....yummmmmmmm.

we didn't really get all our zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's in.

We were soooooooooo tired when we got home. we slept almost all Monday (dad did catch me on the bed with his towel draped over me!). We have almost caught up on our sleep....hopefully dad will take us on a nice walk tomorrow!!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

like we look weird--rrrriiiiigggghhhhttttt!

Just got back from a long walk with mom....we saw the goat again and it brought over a weird said it was a "llama." they both looked pretty strange and they just stared at us like we were they looked normal...HHHEEEELLLLLOOOOOO.....the neck on the "llama" was soooo does it hold up that head.....OH YEA....head wasn't that big! BOLBOLBOL!!!! they both made no noise....just looked at us with their stupid mouths moving. and whats up with their fur...sure, we question when some dogs have lots of fur...but they were ridiculous! We are also still wondering whats up with those so called horns on the goat....sure it isn't a hat??

rip and alle

Thursday, June 18, 2009

an adventure

WOW....Is dad great!!!! He gave us more salmon for dinner tonight....can we describe how good it was???!!! Well maybe i (ripley) can...i ate mine and tasted it....sooooo yummy...alle just gulped hers...I don't think she tasted it at all (little piggy girl!)

But what was really funny tonight: mom was in the office and heard alle roaming around...she went out and found alle had taken her scarf out of her bag!!! Alle said she looked really good in though wasn't happy! She took it from alle so alle went to go to sleep on the bed! Mom told alle she was watching her!!! Then alle came into the office and then back out to the living room. Dad went out to the living room and found that alle had been dumpster diving! Dad just shook his head and said it is always an adventure. I wonder if that means we will be going out for another walk??? Isn't that an adventure?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bed and biscuits

well, we have had our new bed for a couple of days doesn't fluff up even though we are still trying. dad tried to give us some biscuits and we just hid them...since he didn't give us any more, we finally ate the ones he gave us....he said..."hey...what are you didn't eat them earlier???"

when mom came home she gave us her yummy biscuits that she made and we ate them right away! dad asked mom whats up...when he gave us biscuits we saved looked and asked dad if these other biscuits were the ones he gave us...BOLBOLBOL..they said well DUH....those were store bought...not yummy mom biscuits!!!

but dad did take us out for some great walks...didn't see that funny looking goat though...guess we will have to wait for mom to find it again!

rip and alle

Sunday, June 14, 2009

So mom bought us a new bed yesterday...we aren't sure if we like it yet....but we will give it a chance...maybe!

Mom was sooooo busy today, she made us some fabulous bacon cheese biscuits then she took us on a walk and we saw this weird called it a goat...she said it wasn't a dog at was really stared at us...we stared at it....we still don't get what it was and what it does.

Mom washed the blankeys dad keeps in his car for us...she brought them upstairs and alle promptly took them off the chair and laid on them! mom couldn't believe it! She called dad and told on alle!

wow what a busy day!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mom took us for a LLLLLOOOONNNNNGGGGG walk this morning...OMG..if we had an a** mom wouda walked it off us!!! We did see a let us scare it a little but she didn't let us really chase it! Then we saw a couple of kids and they pet us and told us how pretty we are...hmmmm.....that was a DUH!!!! When we got home we were so tired we went to sleep...then we got up and got ready for an 80's themed pawpawty. take a look at what we found to wear to the pawpawty!

Rip and Alle

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

letting ourselves in

BOLBOLBOLBOLBOL!!!! Mom made us go outside while she took a shower...we barked to come back in but dad IGNORED US!!!! We taught him!! Mom finished her shower and asked dad if he let us in...he said no...and she told him that clearly we let ourselves back said we were still outside...she told him to turn around and say that...we were pretending to sleep on our beds!! BOLBOLBOL!!!! Mom said the door was still said he will have to teach us to close the door behind us and he hopes we don't have a we need one!!!

rip and alle

Water shooting out of the ground!

OMG!! Dad let us out this morning and after a couple of minutes…and mind you , we were just minding our business…when water started shooting out of the ground! Well, it was amazing…but really scary…we raced to the porch and demanded that we be let back inside. Mom heard us and said she was coming, but dad got to the door first and said to mom…hey…why are the sprinklers on??? Mom said, hmmmmm, the sprinklers are on? She just said she knew what happened…went downstairs in the garage, and magically made the water stop. When she came upstairs, she told dad that when he was working with the guys yesterday, he turned the sprinklers on. All we know…problem….solved…now if they would just get the #@$! out of our yard!

Monday, June 8, 2009


GRRRRRR....that darn mom...she is sooooo smart. she heard rippy barking outside and she thought we were getting ready to run....but really rippy was telling me to dig her a new nesting home since her current nest is covered by the @!#$ that is STILL in our yard!

Mom was MAD....she scared me with this thing that she used to clean the dirt up. then she showed dad what i did....course it was all rippys fault...she was the one who told me to dig...DARN....MOM FIGURED THAT OUT TOO....GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

now we are tired

Just got back from a walk with mom....we are really tired!

Mom had her car in some kinda shop...she said it was with the car doctor yesterday and she found out that there was a nail in her tire...funny we call them paws...she had to look for another can replace them???? anyway, she was not happy...especially since she found out that her car has spensive tires!

then mom was fighting with her computer....she couldn't get 'puter to work so she told tweeting for us...grrrrrrrr...of course we had grrrrrrs but it was nothing compared to the words mom was saying...she gave up....went to the bedroom to read and found out the tv wasn't was not having a good night...we just decided to stay in the office with dad!

so this morning mom is up....and she still is fighting with puter....we have to give her sad eyes and whine for our said she was sorry...and got our breakfast! then she took us on long walk...guess she got 'puter working again.

Friday, June 5, 2009


well, last evening we went out looking for said she wouldn't be coming home yet, but we didn't believe him. Hmmm...he was didn't come home so we went in..made sad eyes at dad until he gave us treats.

FINALLY!!!! MOM IS HOME!!! she didn't bring us any new treats but at least she is home and she gave us treats and played with us! we told mom that the dogs across the way got out when she was gone and they caught a rabbit and ate it in front of us. dad said it was pretty disgusting...hmmm wonder if that means it looks like it tastes good....oh well. We played a lot with we are tired and going to sleep! all is well!

ripley and alle

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where is mom?? isn't here....we need our treats! We thought something was up when we saw this rolly case come out (we had to go to a hotel last time that happened) then, she didn't leave for work yesterday at the right time...and now she didn't come home last night. is still here...whats up with all this....we are sooooo confused.

And there is still @#!$ in our yard...and now they are working on the house too...OMG what are we to do?????!! Well, suppose we can bug dad....that is always entertaining!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

our yard

What the &%$^* is that %$#$^ in our yard????!! OMG some guys came over this morning early and started putting some @#$$ in our yard! and the left the gates open so dad had to put our leashes on when we wanted to go out...well that wasn't too bad. BUT then they FINALLY left but left the @#$#$ in our yard??!! Why weren't we told???!! When will this stuff go away??!! WE WANT ANSWERS NOW!!! DAD?????? MOM??????? HELLLLLOOOOO....ANYONE LISTENING????? mom is taking out some kinda case....the last time we saw that we had to go to a hotel....Uh just told me that she was taking her umbrella so i can't get it....WHAAAAA?? This day is just getting worse. And we still don't have any answers to our yard. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

darn it!! have to learn to be quieter when i get into mom's work bag....Dad heard me and saw me lope into the office. He went out to the living room and told mom that i had just gotten into her said she had just been out there! Mom said to look for her umbrella...she was sure i had taken it. HEY SHE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK IN HER BAG! She came out and looked and dad went to the office and he found i had it. DARN MOM AND DAD!!

Meanwhile rippy has killed some of mom's quilt batting. It probably is time for a walk...we are trying to give mom and dad a hint...but they really aren't catching on...WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO.....GET OUR LEASHES OURSELVES????? HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bugging dad!!!

we have been really bugging dad to pet us!! fortunately, we are big enough we just stand in front of his desk or push our needle noses between him and his desk til he is forced to pet us!! it is soooooo great! Then we play with our squeaky toys to bug him more! We ultimately get him to take us for a walk!! What a great way to spend a day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

kinda a strange day

Mom stayed home from work today.....that was weird, but she took us on another long walk this morning...i was kinda hoping to see those crazy looking chickens again ( says they are called peacocks.....WHATEVER...they still looked silly!), but rippy still wasn't feeling well and she ate a lot of grass. Mom then said we would go to the place where there is a lot of the grass we like to eat so rip could eat more if she wanted...but she didn't want any more.

When we got home, we watched mom go up in the hillside...looked like she was collecting pine said it was to keep us safe..hmmmm

Then mom made us some biscuits!!! They were soooooo good! We wanted to eat them all, but mom said no! GRRRRRRR.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

WHAT A DAY!!! mom took us on great long walk this morning...we saw some really funny looking chickens....looks like they were out too late since they looked like they were still in their good clothes! Take a look and see what you think!!

Mom went out but she remembered us!! she brought us home all sorts of treats!! but then mom saw that rippy had gotten sick and so she had to give ripley a bath. she told dad that rippy didn't seeem to be feeling well. dad asked if we needed to take her to the doctor, mom said not yet, she would watch her.

BUT THE BEST part of our day was when mom made us PUPCAKES!!! they were really yummy, specially the frosting (that was the says frosting is usually the best on people cakes too). rippy wasn't too sick to eat them!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mom tries to catch me!!

HHHAAAAHHHAAAHHHHAAAA mom tried to catch me this morning before i jumped on the bed to wake dad!!! Like she could catch me!! she called me...i stopped....she almost got to me and i ran closer to the bed...she called me again....i stopped...she almost got me and i ran and jumped on the bed and woke dad up!!!! I know dad appreciated it cause he said "thanks alle!"

Mom let us ouside...then we came in checked out breakfast, i found my favorite spot on the couch (and by favorite spot, i mean the WHOLE couch!!), and went back to sleep!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

alle wanted to read

So here i was just lying down sleeping when mom got up...she heard a strange noise in the living room was alle!! She got in mom's work bag and got out the book mom was reading! Alle said she wanted to read...Mom told her that it was not for was her took it away from alle and told her not to get in her bag again! (like that will work!)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

mom's umbrella

so....this morning mom was getting ready to go to work but when she looked at her work bag, she saw that there was a plastic bag out of it...OMG!!!! She started looking in the living room and then she saw the cover to her know...the one from this place called one of our anipals on twitter told us this place is a fancy place...well said "OK ALLE WHERE IS IT??????"

Alle just looked at mom went over to alle, who was resting her big body on the couch, and found that alle was hiding the umbrella UNDER HER!!! found it and told alle that it was mom's not alle's....that it isn't always about alle....BOLBOLBOLBOLBOLBOLBOL

SILLY MOM.....It is ALWAYS about us!!!


Monday, May 18, 2009

HA HA alle got caught! saw alle loping along today.....lord knows it was only loping....that girl can't run to save her soul! so he said "hey girl what you doing?" Alle quickly ran around the island and looked around at him with the "Wha...why do you always pick on me...i'm not doing anything" look! So that dad...he looked around the island and he found that alle had been dumpster diving and took out a paper towel from the trash....alle said she just wanted to clean....Dad knew can be pretty smart too!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

WHAT THE %$#@??? Something came into our yard and left us a "present". Probably that d*** cat!!! Doesn't have the nerve to come in the yard while we are out!!! HUMPH!!!!

So, mom got mad at alle today cause she finished her dingo bell treat faster than i did...she made alle go outside then she heard alle moving the doorhandle!!!! Hey....we all may have underestimated that girl!!

it was really hot out so mom and dad made sure that when we went outside we didn't stay out too long.

Dad made mom's lunch for tomorrow and he gave us some STEAK! YEA!!! it was really yummy!!

OMG...there is dog that has been barking "forever" outside!!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Critter alert!!

wow...did this squirrel feel lucky...What was walking on OUR FENCE????? Darn mom and dad for putting up a high fence....we could have taken care of him! Bad won't let us on the balcony to chase them off...we still bark loud at them though.

Anyway...we were SOOOOOO upset last wouldn't let us on the computer at all....she said something about a new phone.....SO WHAT HAS A NEW PHONE GOT TO DO WITH THE COMPUTER????? Wait a minute......NEW PHONE????? Hmmmmmm....wonder if she will let us use this one??? maybe this needs more checking out!! WHAT DAD GOT A NEW PHONE TOO????? Now we feel left out.....WHERE ARE OUR PHONES???????


rip and alle

Thursday, May 14, 2009


can you believe this????? THE of Mona's CATs was in OUR yard this morning....not to worry!!! WE took care of it...we chased it out of the yard!!! we are now varmit free!!!! later two guys...Leo and Jess...came over...we think mom and dad are getting ready to do something to our yard...hmmmmm we need to check this out....

Mom came home late tonight...something about the bus being late cause of traffic. it was ok...she still gave us treats when she got home. then dad cooked steak and pasta...We took it to SirBarley's twitter party....we had a greyt time there was lots of stuff to do and eat. SirBarley is a twitter pal!!!

we are really tired now...time to rest!!

rip and alle

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


OMG!! It was rough this said there was something wrong with the tv...he called said he was right..she had trouble with tv when she was getting ready for work. then she told him she saw lots of trucks at the bottom of the hill as she went to work so dad said that 'splained it.
He was going to call the company anyway to let them know but then he got in the office...OMG!!! NO INTERNET!!!...of course that meant we couldn't tweet cause mom won't let us have a phone....THANKS MOM!!! (note sarcasm in our voice!!). time mom got to work to check phone number for company, everything was back to "normal" until dad found out later in the day that the tv in the kitchen wasn't working.
He called said check the other tvs..they were ok so she told him she would check it when she got home. dad gave us some treats and alle knew it was alle and she told dad to tell alle not to inhale her treats...Mom is really smart.
she came home...fixed the tv...gave us more treats...all is well!!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

our new toys!!

A package came in the mail yesterday...we would have opened it but dad put it up really high...DARN!! anyway, when mom came home, she opened the box and it was sooooo GREAT!!! of course there were treats...but the BEST were these rolly called them "babble balls" they are soooooo cool...they talk when we bat them is sorta scared of them but i think they are just great!! today, we were playing with them but one got out of our reach so dad had to find it for us. These are soooo much fun!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009


THIS IS JUST AWFUL! we are soooooooo hungry. mom gave us this c*** that tastes like *#!@, she said she was using up the last of the cans of the c*** that she had. WE DON'T LIKE IT! OMG it is as bad as when she put BEETS in with our chicken!! Poor alle has gone from my dish to her dish hoping one of us got something better....alas...NADA....UGGGGG! Mom, listen to us.....PLEASEEEEEE DON'T DO THIS AGAIN otherwise we will ask dad to feed us!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

we are soooo tired!

What an incredibly busy day we had!!! first we went to our uncle's house..lots of little humans to see. We also saw our auntie! then we went to look at some deck and dad insisted as they want to fire safe the house....probably best but it did mean we had to miss some kind of "race" in a park....that sounded like soooo much fun, oh well, next time....then we went to grandmas we were getting ready to leave we saw our human cousin, our other aunt and uncle...were we tired when we got home!!! it was definitely nap time!! what a fun day!!

alle and ripley

Friday, May 8, 2009

helping dad!

OMG!!! THIS WAS SOOOOOOO COOOL!!! dad said he had to go and get a pizza!!! whoooohooo!!! that could only mean we would get some too....right???!!!! anyway, we thought we would surprise dad and help him with dinner so we decided we would cook some pasta! we found the pasta (well, that was after alle tried on mom's wrap, her jacket and her sweater). then we found dad's watch...cause we have watched dad and he ALWAYS looks at the clock when he makes the pasta! So we got one package open...we were just getting the second package when MOM CAME HOME!!!! YEA!!!! She was soooooo impressed that we wanted to help dad, her only comment was...Nellie just cleaned!!! we know...nellie was soooo nice, she cleaned the whole house today! mom just shook her head, cleaned came home when she was just just handed him his watch and shook her head. Dad asked how did we get his watch...he had it on the counter in the bathroom....that could only have meant that alle got it since he knows I don't go on tile!! OMG wasn't this tooooo coool!! Mom took can see them too! take a look!!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yea checkbook located!

This was soooooooo cool!! i found mom's checkbook....i was just about ready to go shopping when dad came home and took it away from me! DARN!!! Why did dad do that....doesn't he know i need to get some new toys and treats????? Why doesn't dad love us?????

Oh...but he did take us on a great walk...we saw a new dog on our walk...the lady said it was a german shepard and something huge was just a puppy...and it was a little rambunctious.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A wascally wabbit!!!!

made sad eyes at dad so he took us out for a walk....stupid little rat-like dog kept barking at told the little thing it would just be a snack for us...hardly worth it! woman walking rat ran away!!! THANK GOODNESS...rather obnoxious little thing. later on our walk there was a wascally wabbit!! OMG!!! we really wanted it! BUT NOOOOOOOO dad said we had to leave it alone!! darn dad! we could have had soooooo much fun with it!

rip and alle

Sunday, May 3, 2009

what a weekend...boy are we tired!!

it was a very good weekend! mom took us on a few walks....then mom and dad watched some horses racing on tv....HELLLLLOOOOOO look at us.....we could do lots better (well ripley can!) whats up with the people on the horses?? did say we were prettier than those horses!

Then today the VERY nerve....THERE WAS A SQUIRREL ON OUR BALCONY!! we wanted to get it but mom wouldn't let us out to get it. later, mom was working on some fabric stuff. We helped! we laid on the fabric so it wouldn't move....why wasn't mom more appreciative??

anyway, mom took some pics of us today....and why can't get better subjects than us!!

Whew...what a weekend!

rip and alle.

Friday, May 1, 2009

DARN!!! mom caught me with her umbrella AGAIN!!! she came out to the living room and found her work bag in a different spot than she put it she came looking for me....everything would have been ok but she found her umbrella next to me.....doesn't she know that it is drizzling outside and her umbrella goes with my lovely coat!!!


closet shopping

uh came home and found we had been "shopping" in the closet!!! She wasn't too happy...she is quizzing alle about something she thinks alle took off one of her bags! She can't find it....alle might have taken it...but mom can't find it so alle gets of scott free!!! That girl is soooooo lucky!!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

alle was dumpster diving didn't hear her so he wanted to go looking for her, so i kept getting in his way wanting to be petted!!! Darn!! he finally got by me and found alle! He offered alle soap but she turned him down!!!

rip foot is a lot better....i just have to learn to take it a little slower!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LMAO!!!! (if i really had one!!!)

HHHAAAAHHHHHAAAAHHHHHAAAAA!! That toy mom got dad (see saturday apr 25!)....i knew it really would belong to me!!!!! I ran it right past dad and he didn't see me!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! he found it later on outside.....boy...he WASN'T happy!!! he chased me around the island in the kitchen....LIKE HE COULD GET ME!!!! I was having a GREAT time!!!! He called mom....HHHHHAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our walk!

Just found a pic of rippy with her sock took it when we were at the doctors office yesterday. She put the sock on so rip wouldn't have to wear her silly cone collar!!

We just got back from a was watching rip so she didn't get too tired or her foot hurt too held up great though...we saw a squirrel...a snake skin...and the tip of a squirell didn't let us spend enough time on any of those...Rip and i both ate some grass was yummy...our fav!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy day

What a busy day we had. First mom had tried to take the sock off of ripleys foot but ripley started to go after the stuff on her leg so mom had to put the sock back on. Anyway later this morning we went to the doctor where rippy got that stuff taken off her leg. She still is licking her foot a lot but at least she doesn't have the stuff on her leg
Then mom and dad went out...looks like they went shopping!! They brought us back some toys! How cool is that!!
Mom went out later and it looked like she brought home another toy for me but she said no, it was for dad....we'll see!!!!!
So all in all we had a great busy day!!!


Friday, April 24, 2009

mom called

Darn mom....she called dad and told him to pick up her work bag so i didn't get into it. She has a great umbrella in it that i just love and it is definatley my color! she even made dad look in the bag to make sure i didn't take anything out....WHY could have been ripley??!!

Now dad put it up so i can't get it....hmmmmm....i am pretty i could still get at it!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

rip's sock

rippy was pretty good today....she didn't try to rip off the stuff on her leg toooo many times. dad was watching! mom came home and she just put a sock on rips foot. she told rip not to try to pull it off...she put some tape stuff on it.

it will be nice when rip can run around again.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh thank goodness mom is home! She gave us cookies, took that funny thing off ripley. Rip tried to take off the stuff the doctor put on her foot but mom wouldn't let her. Mom told rip that as long as she didn't touch her foot, she could keep that funny thing off. Rip was pretty good until we went outside, mom went out with us and rip went for her foot so mom put that thingy back on her. She is looking less scary but more funny! Take a look at her!



Well, somehow this morning while I was outside with that big palooka sister of mine, I tore one of my nails. WOW - was that painful and I was bleeding!!! Dad didn't see it right away but noticed me licking "spots" on the floor. When he saw it was blood, holy moly did he ever freak out. He was going nuts. If I wasn't in so much pain, I would have laughed my head off.

He was screaming into the phone trying to get mom, and then the vet. He took me to that nice place where the doggy hotel is and they fixed me up. I got a big bandage on my paw which I immediately started to chew off. THEN, dad put this cone shaped thing on my head. Well...I never!

I haven't eaten and I won't drink because I feel so lousy. The only good thing was watching dad "lose it" when I got hurt and, now, sending him on a guilt trip for keeping this cone thingie on me. He melts when I shoot him the big, soulful eyes and I refuse to eat or drink.

Wish mom was here. She's a trained medical professional. Dad is funny and means well, but I hear he's trained in the "dark arts" (something called "the law").

I'll be ok, but I sure feel lousy right now.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

uh oh

so here i am lying quietly on the sofa and then MOM comes and finds a towel next to me....and then she finds a container that she apparently recognized. She showed it to dad, he thought it was a toy and we were playing with it all day (darn dad!) said it isn't a toy, it was for her sewing stuff..she said it had a rope on said it was long gone!!! then she gave him the towel...he said it was from his gym bag....they went in the bedroom and mom said she had seen a towel on the bed that wasn't there anymore...did dad leave it there? he said no, it was in his gym bag of course he looked and there was no towel there....HA...They have no proof...they didn't see me take it...they are just story is that dad is losing it..there was never a towel in his gym bag!!!!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

hot hot hot!

OMG it was sooooo hot out took us on a walk this morning, then we slept...then we bugged mom til she took us out on another walk this afternoon. We saw one of the neighbors and he pt us and told us how pretty and nice we are, when we got back home, we drank a lot of water, ate dinner, played a little (well alle did), then went back to sleep. it was a good day to sleep!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

now we are tired!!

So we had a great took us on ANOTHER walk!! There were some people we saw...they pet us and told us how great we are (DUH!!!). Mom saw that big HUGE rottweiler again...she didn't let it get near us. Then dad came out and joined us....he said one of the other dogs were out...he was worried about us but we were ok...we were being pet by the other neighbor girl and her boyfriend. it was pretty warm out in the sun but the wind was blowing so it kept us cool in the shade, but now we are tired...time to go to sleep!

ripley and alle


Oh the NERVE!!! There was a SQUIRREL in our tree stealing oranges! Not to worry, we are on top of it...that squirrel heard us. at least it was smart enough not to get on the balcony!

Rip and Alle

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this was cool!!

So mom left her shower scrunchy out and alle went into the bathtub and got it out. Dad didn't know what it was so he called asked him if her scrunchy was still in the wasn't mystery solved!!! Mom described it perfectly for him....Alle was sooooooo excited!!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mom's purse

So dad doesn't know how far to close the door for us when we go to, this morning, rip and i got up and what do you know??!!! We were able to go into the living room. Mom's purse was was soooo great...i emptied it out so i could see what she had in it. Her wallet was quite cool but i really wanted to see what she had on her music thingy she calls her mp3 but she did something to it so i couldn't get it on----DARN MOM!!!

Mom did take us on a walk was really fun that is until this big fat dog came after us. Mom yelled at it...i could tell...she didn't like it at all and she was trying to rush us away from it. I wanted to look at it....what a kept saying nasty things to us...i wonder if it eats with that same mouth...Rip was scared...she just stood there. Mom told Rip it was ok....just to come and she told me to come on...that thing kinda just kept coming at us growling and barking. There was another dog with it but it didn't do anything.

When mom came home she told dad that this big a** "rottweiler" that weighted as much as the three of us came at us...Mom wasn't happy......but she did give us treats!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

mom is sooo smart

Oh that mom is sooooo smart....i just really hate that!!!! I was looking in her work bag and she caught me!!! I didn't even have time to take out any of her plastic bags!!! DARN MOM!!!!! why does she have to ruin all my fun????????


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Now THIS?!

Talk about malfeasance!!! (heard daddy use that word)

First, mom gives us BEETS, cleverly mixed in with our food (gack), then she put us outside last night in the dark! Yep, that's right, and she didn't turn on the light so we could see what was out there. Talk about scary. Thank goodness for dad! He saw this gross...uh, whatever that word was...oh, malfeasance, and turned on the lights.

Whew, that was close!


Monday, April 6, 2009

that was really weird!

So mom and dad took us out for a walk this weekend. It was great...we had lots of fun. on the way back we saw these really fluffy dogs....and one just kept barking and barking and barking. I just looked at it like....hey....chill out, what's up with that! the man with the dog called him said it was more like a cross between an ewok and a wookie...she called it a briard.....i just called it really weird! what does it do with all that fur and it really does need to chill!!????!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

thanks dad

so, dad was really nice. he hung a new towel up alle took it down so she could lie down on it! how great is that. somehow dad didn't think it was quite as great!

we are getting used to our new toys. take a look at the cool toys mom and dad got for us when we were at the hotel!


Monday, March 30, 2009

helping mom

So mom finished putting everything away and i helped. When we were at the hotel, mom washed our beds. I found this great leather thing so i hid it under the bed...WHO KNEW MOM WOULD LOOK UNDER MY BED!!! for SOME reason, mom was looking at my bed....i think she wants to get another one like it, anyway she lifted up the corner of my bed and she found the leather thing....She told me I couldn't have it that it was dad and her passports! Passports....i wonder where Rip and i can go with them??? I just know we would have lots of fun!!!!!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

visit to the grandparents

so, it has really been great being home...we went on a great walk yesterday with mom and dad. alle ate soooo much grass that she threw was pretty yucky!!

Dad caught a cold and doesn't feel well today. mom took us to her mom's house. it was sooooo much fun. alle wanted to play with grandma's dog but she got really scared when she saw alle and me walk in and even with only alle outside...she was too scared to play. Grandma said it was because we were soooo big. Mom picked grandma's dog and brought her iside. she brought her over to me cause grandma was petting me, but she was still pretty scared so mom put her down and she went into her own room. Then grandpa and mom's brother came's brother went caught alle going upstairs too. Alle said upstairs was great...i just liked to be in the kitchen where grandma was cooking.

what a great day!!!


Friday, March 27, 2009

we had a cool time

So, mom and dad took us to a hotel!! It was GREAT!! Ripley wasn't to sure about it at first...she blamed me cause i made the house a mess before we left. But it was really cool....we had a great bed...good food...lots of walks...and a lot of petting...then we had a bath!!!

Mom and dad got us was sooooooo great to see them!! Ripley won't leave mom or dad's side. She really missed them even though she did enjoy it at the hotel. Mom and dad brought us some great pupcakes and some new toys! Rip is checking out the toys...they are a little "different."

All in all...the hotel was great but it is great to be home!


Monday, March 16, 2009

up early

so clearly something is alle got up really early this into the trash in the office..took dad's new mouse pad.....went into the living room and got some rice, got into mom's purse and generally got into EVERYTHING....then she went into mom and dads room and looked out the window. She woke mom up and mom came looking....she was just SHOCKED at what she saw...she just looked at alle and said that she knew alle was up to something. that mom...she is pretty smart....even early in the morning!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

not a good look

Yesterday, when dad went to the store and put us in his office to keep us out of trouble (HA HA HA HA), Alle tried on his reading glasses! I told her the glasses weren't a good look for her. Okay...I actually laughed, but that's what I meant to say if I could have stopped laughing. Alle wasn't too crazy about "the look" either, I guess, because she started chewing them. To say that dad was upset when he saw what was left of his glasses would be an understatement. He chased Alle all over the house. Fat chance he'll ever catch her. I mean...Alle isn't that fast compared to me, but compared to dad?!?! OMG! I'm laughing my ass off again!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


FINALLY!! mom gave us good food to eat!!!! alle found the new cans and she tried to get dad to give us more!! OMG that last stuff she gave us....well let's just say trash tasted better!! and the food mom made us was good until she used...BEETS!!! who said we liked BEETS!!! then they got us that !$%*...ANYTHING should taste great after that!!! Hopefully we will have a decent meal tomorrow!!

rip and alle

Monday, March 9, 2009

Run of the house

We love it when daddy goes out & leaves us to roam the whole house! When he went to the post office (whatever that is) Alle tried out the bathtub for size (for when she takes her bath before her date) and left big paw prints that amazed daddy. Then daddy found 4 of his hats and our jackets on the floor. His hats really don't go with our "look", so we just chewed them a little. Turns out...they aren't very tasty either. We were thinking of getting that "European look" for our know, with a spiffy chapeau and a cape. (Mom's scarf tasted better than it looked on us so that's out)

Time to relax. Hope daddy takes us for a walk again tomorrow.

Alle & Rip

Thursday, March 5, 2009

oh that alle!!!

uh oh....alle is in trouble!!! Dad caught her with mom's sponge (apparently, she doesn't have another one of those scrunchy thingys). then when mom came home, alle went into her bag and took out her scarf. i think she just wanted to try it on...but mom came and took it from her and told her that she can't take things out of her bag.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cloaking devices available?? went to take a shower and she asked dad where did he put her scrunchy said he put it in the shower, mom couldn't find it so dad went to look...OMG....i wonder how to become invisible right said he put it there and i was with him. he told mom that he told me to stay out of the scrunchy thing is missing, it isn't in the they went looking...then i heard the found it in the living room not in the condition she you think they will know it was me???? Oh and dad said he will have to go to something called defcon 5??? i wonder if that means they will get me more scrunchy thingys??


Explains a lot

Well, I guess this solves the mystery as to who took the toothpaste on Monday. Wait a sec!
Missing! Alle's getting ready for a DATE! Dad better keep a close eye on Big Red to make sure her suitor is trustworthy.

Wonder if Alle's "friend" (snicker) has a friend for me. As the "cougar" of the family, he'd better be younger than me!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


well, today we were good but alle thought we needed to brush our teeth so she found a toothbrush in the bathroom. when mom came home, she asked who was using her toothbrush...she said she was sure it was alle who got it counter surfing in the bathroom..i think she thinks that cause rip doesn't go on tiles...ooops!! oh mom had to get a new toothbrush!!!

alle and ripley

Monday, March 2, 2009

happy barthday!

Yea....Today is Ripley's birthday...she is 5! i think i will bark and howl a great happy birthday tune to her!!

Happy Barthday toooooooooo you!!!
Happy Barthday toooooooooo you!!!
Happy Barthday toooooooooo Ripley!!!
Happy Barthday toooooooooo you!!!



that dad...he called mom this morning to see if she had given me my pills, she had forgotten so now DAD had to give them to me....HE JUST COULDN'T HAVE LET WELL ENOUGH ALONE!!
I showed him though.....he tried hiding them in food...but i found them and spit them out! he called mom and said he would make sure she remembered to give them to me...DARN doesn't mess around giving them to me....she is really good!


Saturday, February 28, 2009

what a day!

so, mom wanted to take rip to the doctor today cause she thought rip was coughing a little bit more....i couldn't tell...but we went to this nice doctor right near the house. i went too since dad wanted to go and i didn't want to stay home alone (even though that probably would have been lots of fun). anyway, rip had some pictures taken of her said she was looking at rips heart and lungs...and she said that rip had some is giving rip some pills. mom had to go out after we got home and she brought us some new toys...they are great fun. when dad went out later, we asked mom to take us for a walk...she did even though she was watching a movie. What a great day!!!!


need to make some calls

Mom was sooooo cool...she left her purse open and her phone was there. i needed to make some i was trying to use it....the only problem was she caught me. She told me i couldn't make calls, she showed her phone to dad and made a call to the house...i don't know why she did that..heck we were still at home!!! anyway she was a real kill joy this morning, grrrrrr...still need to make some calls.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

thank you's

so it seems alle really has learned to sit so mom is now going to try to teach her to "stay".....riiiiiiggghhhhtttt! Meanwhile, we found some of mom's thank you cards so we were going to write some but we couldn't find a writing thingy...and since it is pretty dry out, we can't even get our paws muddy to use that so, we left them for dad to pick up. He gave them to mom.

all in all.....a pretty quiet week!


Monday, February 23, 2009

who knew!!

I am impressed....seems as though alle really did learn how to makes her sit for treats and alle really does it!! dad told mom that we got into some of her stuffing stuff! mom wondered how we got it, she thought she put it away well enough...yeah...right!!!!

rip and alle

Sunday, February 22, 2009

yea for mom!

Mom went out yesterday and she brought us some new stuff!!!! first she brought us some new toys....we weren't really sure of them in the begining but we are really liking them now. but the best! She brought us some treats!!! we ate them all said we ate them too fast and when she saw we weren't eating our "good" food...she said we won't be getting those anymore! We'll see...we're thinking she will forget!!

rip and alle

Saturday, February 21, 2009


we have been pretty good lately! dad took us on a great walk yesterday...his foot had been hurting but he said it is pretty good now. otherwise, we are glad the rain has stopped and things are drying out. so far we have been has made me run...she is relentless!! mom has given us some new food...hmmmm....we're not really sure we like this yet. we'll see.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


this is soooooo looks like alle is learning how to sit!!!! mom still has to help her a little, but she is learning!!!! now if i can only teach her to run!!

mom threatened me....she told me that once she teaches alle..she is going to teach me to sit i fooled her....i sat in the living room just to torment her!!!! Life is sooooooo gooooood!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

this is sooooo funny!

OMG!! mom is trying to teach alle to sit!! you should see holds food up to her nose and dad pushes on her hinney!! How funny is that!!! I dunno if this is going to work!! after all...i can't get her to run!!!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Uh Oh

mom heard a noise so she went out to see what was happening and she caught alle with a plastic bag she took out of mom's work bag. boy, did she get after alle!!!!! it was sooooo cool!!!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

oh the wonderful smell!

So, mom came home tonight and said the house smelled WONDERFUL!!! We were soooooo happy cause we helped! When dad went out today, we found this wonderful bag that shook like a rattle...oh the sounds!!! we were playing with it and shaking in, throwing it, and it spilled out all these wonderful coffee beans!! Dad says his coffee is great and we have to agree!!! It is great!!!!!

rip and alle

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pretty good today!

we were pretty good went out but he left us a scrunchy thing in the bathroom to play with. when mom came home she recognized the scrunchy and told dad that he must have put it outside of the bathtub. it was ok said it needed to be replaced anyway. she must have had a rough day cause she went down to the garage and left her coat there then went and took a shower! she still gave us our cookies!!!! YEA!!!

rip and alle!

Monday, February 9, 2009

it was like christmas!

OMG!!! It was like Christmas!! Dad went out today and he left a whole bunch of "Charmin" out for us!!! Problem for me is that it was downstairs and i don't do stairs. So anyway, alle went downstairs and brought a whole package up stairs...we are sooooo proud of our work!! Take a look at the pics!! Mom took them when she came home. We heard dad call her and say that he may have made a tactical error....whatever that is....we had great fun!!! Maybe that is what tactical error means!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

we went out today!!

so, mom and dad were still working in the found out that we took his box of "kleenex" last night so he put out another box. then they went to the store and left us in the office....yep we took his "kleenex." the box is sooo great to rip apart and we do have to say that dad's kleenex is soooooo soft (almost as good as his pillows!!)!

Anyway mom and dad were amazed when they came home....they didn't even pick our creation!

they had to go back out...but when they came back they took us to PETCO!!!! We love to go there....everybody looks at us and pets us! It was soooooooo much fun!

rip and alle