Monday, December 8, 2008

What was that?!

Well, daddy put our wicked cool jackets on Ripley & me (Alle) this morning for our walk. We're not sure daddy has it completely worked out yet because we were kinda excited (duh) so he had to put Rip in the office and close the door while he put my jacket on (which took fer.....evrrrrrrr). Daddy was screaming some words that I don't think he is suppose to say and his face got really red while he tried to figure out which end was which on my jacket. But he finally got it on me so that it didn't look like I was wearing a sling on my left hind leg (I looked awesome! chaaa!). He had to put me in the office and close the door because I kept trying to help him with Ripley's jacket. Daddy's face got real red again.

We went for a nice walk down the street to that church but, just when we got to the path where you go to the church, an old, OLD bag lady (she was carrying a plastic bag, but that's not what Rip & me were looking at) was walking hunched over up the path with a leash (no where near as cool as ours...chaaa, again) that had a large rat, or something, on it!!!!! Rip's ears shot up to attention as did mine. ooooooooooo, how we wanted to get at that thing! Daddy held us back pretty good (he's kinda strong) and smiled at the bag lady. He held us until she, and her rat, passed out of range. She walked reeeeeally slow. Daddy told us that thing was really a dog!!!! I think daddy must have been kidding. Either that, or something popped in his head when his face got really red before.


K said...

So how does the jackets look like?

ripley and alle said...

Hi K...Mom took pics of us in our jackets...don't we look greyt??!!