Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dad is tired!

We had a greyt day!!!! we found a cardboard tube in the living room and Alle had great fun ripping it up! Then she found a little bird, and the best yet....she found a bright shiny can that had liquid stuff in it. I thought it was a little scary when the stuff came shooting out of the can. Dad called mom about the cardboard...i guess she said we could have it cause dad didn't take it away!

When mom came home dad showed her the little bird...mom took it away and then he told her about the can. Dad said it was something called "sprite". Mom just laughed when dad said he was tired..he mentioned something about being as bad as kids....he COULDN'T have been talking about us!!!!


PS....Alle here....rip keeps trying to make me run around the yard....Like riggghhhtttt..who IS she kidding....if i was meant to run..i would still be on the track!!!!


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