Wednesday, December 17, 2008

another fun filled day

today was terrific!! Dad went out and left us home the WHOLE house!!!! We found our pictures with santa and Rip thought it would be great to take some other pictures of us. I found the camera but Rip couldn't get it on so i went to find the cord for it. I have seen mom plug the cameras into something. i found the cord but we couldn't get it plugged in. Then we found a battery but we couldn't get it to work either Since we couldn't take pictures we found dad's book and decided to read. I got tired of that so i decided it was time to rip up the rest of the box i found yesterday. Rip just watched...i don't think she gets how much fun this is!!! when dad came home he made us go outside. he was talking to mom when he let us back in. i think she was laughing! Mom really has a great sense of humor.

tonight i was on the bed moving the blankets around, dad caught me and told me to stop. mom was was just shaking his head!!!


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