Tuesday, December 30, 2008

...and I'm the celeb-u-tard?!

Did u see that smarty pantz ripley posted a blog yesterday and said it was december 30?!? OMG!
Today is dezember 30! well...chaaaaa! And I'm the celeb-u-tard?! Yeah. Wat.....evrrrrrr.

And OMG, it was sooooo cool this morning. Daddy was taking us for a walk, and me and rip were soooo exited (walks are the best thing...well, other than eating, oh, and sleeping...uh, and playing with things we're not suppose to...umm, and barking at Mona's cat, and...uhhh, what was I saying?), oh yeah, so then daddy was putting our leashes on & me & rip were jumping all over the place, and then daddy's face started getting really red, again. Me & rip wanted to get out really bad and daddy was saying something about taking it easy, or something. I mean...like who actually listens to what he's saying?! chaaa.

Well anyway, daddy made the mistake of using his hand that was wrapped up with the leashes to actually open the door (he had his totally wicked walking stick in his other hand). Biiiiig mistake. Once that door opened just a crack me & rip went thru it at warp speed and daddy's thumb & trigger finger got caught up on the handle when those leashes jerked taut. Daddy made a really loud noise and started saying stuff I don't think you're suppose to say and his face got really red, again. (Like...his head is going to explode someday.)

OMG again! Did you know daddy could dance? Well, kinda dance...I mean I never saw anything like those moves at any of the clubs I go to. He even had a tear in his eye. Daddy's so emotiomal.


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