Wednesday, December 31, 2008

...don't ask...don't answer

Daddy was wondering why one of his pillows was on his night stand, where his other stuff used to be, instead of the bed where he "claims" he left it when he got up this morning. Don't ask. chaaaaa!

Of course he came looking for me instead of that goody 2 shoes, uh...better make that, goody 4 paws, Ripley. OK, I'll give you that I spend more time on that bed than mom & dad combined, but is that any reason to suspect me? Don't answer!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

...and I'm the celeb-u-tard?!

Did u see that smarty pantz ripley posted a blog yesterday and said it was december 30?!? OMG!
Today is dezember 30! well...chaaaaa! And I'm the celeb-u-tard?! Yeah. Wat.....evrrrrrr.

And OMG, it was sooooo cool this morning. Daddy was taking us for a walk, and me and rip were soooo exited (walks are the best thing...well, other than eating, oh, and sleeping...uh, and playing with things we're not suppose to...umm, and barking at Mona's cat, and...uhhh, what was I saying?), oh yeah, so then daddy was putting our leashes on & me & rip were jumping all over the place, and then daddy's face started getting really red, again. Me & rip wanted to get out really bad and daddy was saying something about taking it easy, or something. I who actually listens to what he's saying?! chaaa.

Well anyway, daddy made the mistake of using his hand that was wrapped up with the leashes to actually open the door (he had his totally wicked walking stick in his other hand). Biiiiig mistake. Once that door opened just a crack me & rip went thru it at warp speed and daddy's thumb & trigger finger got caught up on the handle when those leashes jerked taut. Daddy made a really loud noise and started saying stuff I don't think you're suppose to say and his face got really red, again. (Like...his head is going to explode someday.)

OMG again! Did you know daddy could dance? Well, kinda dance...I mean I never saw anything like those moves at any of the clubs I go to. He even had a tear in his eye. Daddy's so emotiomal.


dad thinks uneventful is good!

well, yesterday went off for the most part uneventfully. Mom saw that alle chewed the corner of the box and she told dad. then mom found a toy on the floor....well, we thought it was a toy. she took it thought it was a toy also then she did something and it started making noise! it looked like fun...but mom said no and put it way high up. when mom sent us outside later, alle wanted to take her duck out with her...but mom said no and took it from her. she gave it back when we came in.

mom....such a kill joy!!!!!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mom is watching

That mom was watching me ALL day. She wouldn't let me get into ANYTHING. I tried to get into her fabric stuff when she went to the kitchen but she caught me and said NO! then i tried to rip up the wine box and she caught me AGAIN and said NO! Darn that mom!

what a day!


Saturday, December 27, 2008 got after alle today!

boy was mom after alle today!! first alle got a bag that mom wanted. mom got really strict with alle. then mom went to the store and got more containers to keep alle out of stuff. THEN alle started to get one of her christmas stockings and mom got on her nose about that....THEN as if it weren't enough....alle started to rip apart a wine box....and mom got after her AGAIN!!!! Mom told alle she was watching her....and SHE WAS!!!

The best part of today was that mom COOKED for us again!!!!! and it was sooooooooooo YUMMY!!!!!!

Uh is going to look for alle again....i wonder what she is up to now??!!!


Friday, December 26, 2008

oh what a wonderful day it was

We kept dad sooo busy today....he got some great exercise!! we found a puzzle that dad said was mom's and she wouldn't be happy!! then we found the tube that mom played with us yesterday (well....scared us with) and we chewed that up (mom won't be scaring us with that anymore!!)! then mom came home and told us that we were keeping nellie too busy. nellie is nice....she cleans the house but she scares us with this big noisy has scared us with that machine before too.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

rainy day out today

It was rainy today. Mom gave us some new toys and we got some great new cookies...they had frosting on them, then we found a great book. Alle tried to read got a little upset with that. overall though we were pretty good!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

mom was home today!

Mom caught Ripley whining and itching herself so she went to the store and got some stuff and put it on both of us. I don't know WHY when Ripley whines I have to get stuff put on me too, but mom didn't care she said i needed it.

Then mom took out some sounded great, but then she scared me with the cardboard tube, so i barked at her!


Monday, December 22, 2008

we were good today

Mom made us the BEST food. It was sooooooo good, we ate it all up!
we loved it sooooo much we didn't even get into anything today to drive dad crazy (it was a little hard to be good though!!)!
alle did try to get into the closet but mom caught her and told her she wasn't allowed to shop in the closet!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

mom cooked today

Mom cooked a chicken for us today with broth and EVERYTHING! it was sooooo yummy...we hope she made more for us tomorrow! we can hardly wait to find out!!

rip and all

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just for dad

Mom went to the store really early this morning so after she left we drove dad crazy making sure we sqeezed every toy we had so they were all making noise at once! We were successful!

Then when mom came home she brought us some more squeezy toys that we were able to show off for dad!!!!!

It has been a WONDERFUL morning!

Rip and Alle

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New tags!!!

we were really good today! we got great new is really happy with them. he tried to put them on our collars but he couldn't. I tried to help him get alle's on but he just said i got in the way. he left them for mom. when mom came home, he asked her if she needed any help to get the tags on, but she already had taken off our collars to put the tags on them. dad was a little upset that he had not thought of that. Have we mentioned how smart our mom is??!!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

another fun filled day

today was terrific!! Dad went out and left us home the WHOLE house!!!! We found our pictures with santa and Rip thought it would be great to take some other pictures of us. I found the camera but Rip couldn't get it on so i went to find the cord for it. I have seen mom plug the cameras into something. i found the cord but we couldn't get it plugged in. Then we found a battery but we couldn't get it to work either Since we couldn't take pictures we found dad's book and decided to read. I got tired of that so i decided it was time to rip up the rest of the box i found yesterday. Rip just watched...i don't think she gets how much fun this is!!! when dad came home he made us go outside. he was talking to mom when he let us back in. i think she was laughing! Mom really has a great sense of humor.

tonight i was on the bed moving the blankets around, dad caught me and told me to stop. mom was was just shaking his head!!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dad is tired!

We had a greyt day!!!! we found a cardboard tube in the living room and Alle had great fun ripping it up! Then she found a little bird, and the best yet....she found a bright shiny can that had liquid stuff in it. I thought it was a little scary when the stuff came shooting out of the can. Dad called mom about the cardboard...i guess she said we could have it cause dad didn't take it away!

When mom came home dad showed her the little took it away and then he told her about the can. Dad said it was something called "sprite". Mom just laughed when dad said he was tired..he mentioned something about being as bad as kids....he COULDN'T have been talking about us!!!!


PS....Alle keeps trying to make me run around the yard....Like riggghhhtttt..who IS she kidding....if i was meant to run..i would still be on the track!!!!


Monday, December 15, 2008

rainy today

it was cold and rainy out today. Alle didn't want to go outside but it seems that dad called mom and she told dad that Alle had to stay out until she did what she needed to do outside! Then Alle got this great toy from the that mom put out yesterday. Dad heard Alle though and called mom..he found some tag on the ground and mom told him he had to find the toy. Dad told Alle it wasn't a toy and he took the other two toys off the table too. Alle taught him though....she chewed up a box. Dad just picked it up and left it to show mom. So even though it was rainy...Alle was productive. I just watched....i am the good girl!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

busy day

Today was a pretty busy day. Mom was doing the wash, she cooked a lot, and she put up a tree in the house with lots of cool shiny things on them. We can hardly wait for her to go to work so we can get a closer look!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

great new collars

Boy did we have fun today! Mom and dad took us to the pet store (well mom did while dad was getting a hair cut). She found some cool christmas collars for us then she saw santa and we got our picture take with him in our new collars. Santa was sooooo cool...he was wearing shades!!! Mom also got us some new toys. That was lots of fun! See us in our new christmas collars with shady santa!!

Rip and Alle

Lots of new goodies

Mom is busy this morning...she looks like she has taken out lots of new playtoys for us (even though she says they are not our toys) They really look soft and chewy...i wonder if any of them make squeeky noises.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

soooo soft

As an expert in these matters, let me say that mommy's pillows may be fun to shred (what with all that white powder stuff inside that sticks to everything), but daddy's pillows....? aaaaaahhhhh!

What can I say? They are sooooo soft and big! I can lay my whole body and rest my head (with the gorgeous face attached) on them in complete comfort (assuming daddy doesn't see me and start yelling). I mean...chaaaaaa! What does he expect?!

I know that goody two shoes (er...uh...paws), Ripley, would love to plop her bod on them too, but not while I'm around. They're mine! (Unless daddy's around)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

that darn mom!

Mom came home today and dad said we were good...but that darn mom went into the living room and called dad in. She found another tea light and both of her porclin ??light thingys opened up. She told Alle there weren't anymore lights and then she moved the porclin thingys.

Later she found Alle looking at the table where Alle found the thingys and told her she couldn't get stuff off the table anymore. (Like Alle will listen!)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

dad said we were pretty good today!

Dad heard a noise in the living room and he asked us what we were doing! we just looked at him and said...what? us!! he saw something but he didn't know what it was so he told mom he would leave it for her. Mom came home and said it was a tea candle...she took one look and told dad that we took it out of one of moms light thingys. (we didn't like the thingy cause it was said it was porclin??). Anyway...she showed dad the remains of the candle thing and then mom and dad moved some stuff. that mom....she is always thinking.....darn!!! she is soooo smart...why couldn't we have gotten a mom who wouldn't figure this stuff out so fast???!!!!

Mystery solved

Alle & me (Ripley) heard Daddy ask Mommy the other day why we were digging in the corner of the yard by that funny talking guy next door to us. Mommy didn't know for sure but Daddy was sure we were up to something. Easy to see why Daddy became a lawyer.

Well, we caught him peeking out thru the blinds (again...easy to see why he's a lawyer) in our "other" bedroom (aka their bedroom ...yeah, riiiight) and I think he knows now why we dug out that area. Darn!

Monday, December 8, 2008

What was that?!

Well, daddy put our wicked cool jackets on Ripley & me (Alle) this morning for our walk. We're not sure daddy has it completely worked out yet because we were kinda excited (duh) so he had to put Rip in the office and close the door while he put my jacket on (which took fer.....evrrrrrrr). Daddy was screaming some words that I don't think he is suppose to say and his face got really red while he tried to figure out which end was which on my jacket. But he finally got it on me so that it didn't look like I was wearing a sling on my left hind leg (I looked awesome! chaaa!). He had to put me in the office and close the door because I kept trying to help him with Ripley's jacket. Daddy's face got real red again.

We went for a nice walk down the street to that church but, just when we got to the path where you go to the church, an old, OLD bag lady (she was carrying a plastic bag, but that's not what Rip & me were looking at) was walking hunched over up the path with a leash (no where near as cool as ours...chaaa, again) that had a large rat, or something, on it!!!!! Rip's ears shot up to attention as did mine. ooooooooooo, how we wanted to get at that thing! Daddy held us back pretty good (he's kinda strong) and smiled at the bag lady. He held us until she, and her rat, passed out of range. She walked reeeeeally slow. Daddy told us that thing was really a dog!!!! I think daddy must have been kidding. Either that, or something popped in his head when his face got really red before.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Alle just got into trouble!!

Mom said Alle was too quiet so she went out to the living room and found Alle into her sewing stuff! Mom was sooo mad at Alle! She told Alle to go to the office with dad. She decided to go to the bedroom and go to sleep on the bed!


New Toys!!!

Today was pretty great! Mom and dad went to the store and brought us home new toys!! One is particularly great it makes the best noise!! We can hardly wait to bug dad with it tomorrow!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

We met Santa!

Today it was sooooo and dad took us to meet Santa! We got our picture taken with him and he gave us TREATS!!!! They were YUMMY!! Mom and dad also talked with Auntie Gwen...she was there with some of the new greyhounds just off the track! Then we stopped to see if mom's sister was at home...she wasn't so then we went to the store. Mom stayed with us while dad went inside. Lots of people wanted to pet us and talk to mom. Dad wasn't too long then we went home.

Friday, December 5, 2008

catz beeware!

dad let us out in the yard a little while ago and, would u believe it, that black cat up the hill was thinkin about coming into our yard! oh no you didn't! Alle & me (Ripley) were jumpin at that big fence to get at her. boy! u shouda seen her run!

we made our point. NO catz in our hood!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

alle was entertaining today!

alle was soooooo great today...i watched her catch a bird. she got on the couch and grabbed it. Dad wasn't happy about this at all....the bird didn't make any noise like our other toys either....that was the down side.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Exciting day today!

We had sooooo much fun today...take a look at our pics! Dad was sooooo impressed that he left it all for mom to see! we will let the pictures do the talking!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

we kept dad busy today!

we had an exciting day today but we don't think dad thought so! First, alle got one of moms old flip called mom and told her it was more like a flop now.

then in the afternoon, alle got into some of moms stuff that was in wonderful plastic bags! alle really loves that plastic. she also took a stuffed animal out of the bedroom...when mom got home she told us it wasn't a toy for us....but it was great....nice soft and squishy...but it didn't squeek. Alle also took a yellow marker off of dads desk....he wasn't too happy about that! Dad is really tired out!

Monday, December 1, 2008

today was slow by our standards!

Well, we were pretty good only caught alle once getting into a bag and starting to rip it up!
Alle here...and he found ripley ripping up some paper mom put under our water dish when they put it in the office. Rip thought it was the best to rip up...all this white stuff came out of it! I don't think dad saw the humor in this!
Otherwise...a quiet day for us!