Wednesday, November 19, 2008

trip to the doc

Well, dad took us to the doctor today cause Rip was coughing. The doctor was really nice...we got treats....yummmmmmmy! I weigh 66 stealth pounds...Rip is 60 pounds. So, about Rip's cough, the doctor thinks it is kennel cough but he had the nerve to say that i might have given it to her. She is now on antibiotics. It was funny to see dad give Rip her medicine this evening! He gave me some fish and hid her medicine in some fish as well. Rip didn't even know!!! Dad did almost lose some fingers though....he didn't move his fingers fast enough and Rip really wanted the fish!

Ripley here....Alle almost got in trouble again this afternoon...she wanted mom's moshi pillow. She had sooooooo much fun the other night when she found one with a hole in it. Mom came into the living room that night and couldn't believe her eyes and she called dad...she said it looked like it had been snowing in the room, then she brought out this scary machine that made lots of noise to get rid of all the snowy stuff.

Ripley and Alle

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