Sunday, November 30, 2008

ripley sooooo doesn't get it!

Alle here

Mom got upset with me today...she caught me outside ripping up a bag of "potting" soil. i just liked the sound the plastic made when i was ripping it up!

We got scared today when we heard these two big was here and he pet us...then when mom came home dad told her we were upset about these said the space shuttle landed...was that what the noise was? dad said mom was right, again! have we told you how smart our mom is?

Mom was also trying to teach Ripley to go up and down stairs this afternoon. Ripley was soooooo scared. once she got most of the way down, she was ok....then she did run up the stairs. dad thought she needed a treat. he gave me one too because i stayed out of the way! Now Rip is laying down...i think she is tired!

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