Monday, November 24, 2008

busy day today!

hi there, ripley here again!

well, alle kept dad busy today! First she found a stuffed bird that mom got for dad. dad heard the sound and called mom to check if it was for us to play said took it away, he also moved some toys and put them up high cause mom said if alle got that she would get some other stuff


Dad did take us for a long walk with our new has to tweak them just a little...they slipped off our back just a little, but we still look pretty cool in them!

then this afternoon...alle found a bag that made great crunch noise.....the bad part is that dad heard her and came and got the bag. yes he called alle was not supposed to have it..she also chewed the handles off of some scissors mom had.

Alle is now sleeping...she has had a busy day....i have just watched her!

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