Sunday, November 30, 2008

ripley sooooo doesn't get it!

Alle here

Mom got upset with me today...she caught me outside ripping up a bag of "potting" soil. i just liked the sound the plastic made when i was ripping it up!

We got scared today when we heard these two big was here and he pet us...then when mom came home dad told her we were upset about these said the space shuttle landed...was that what the noise was? dad said mom was right, again! have we told you how smart our mom is?

Mom was also trying to teach Ripley to go up and down stairs this afternoon. Ripley was soooooo scared. once she got most of the way down, she was ok....then she did run up the stairs. dad thought she needed a treat. he gave me one too because i stayed out of the way! Now Rip is laying down...i think she is tired!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

alle is soooooo busy tonight here

that alle...she is soooo busy today. she was racing and chasing in the house and made so much noise, dad put us outside. then she wanted to chase with mom. mom finally gave up and fed us dinner. that didn't stop alle though...she continues to race around with her toys. me....i am just tired...she has worn me out....i going to go to sleep now.


Friday, November 28, 2008



we wanted to go out for a walk when dad went to get the took us out...we started out ok....we went down the street dad takes us on....two people said we were beautiful....then mom took us UP this HILL!!!! We went really high up...came to some DIRT ROAD...then we had to go down a wouldn't let us run down the hill.....we had to walk nicely....Gosh...between yesterday and now wonder we are exhausted.

alle and ripley

still a little tired today

well, we are still tired today. we went outside a little this morning and then we went back to sleep. it was really fun entertaining the kids....but i am not so sure the track wasn't easier! we ran a lot yesterday!

alle did get into a plastic took it away from her though...she does keep trying.

Alle here....i just love the sound the plastic makes....these are great quality plastic bags and make great noise when i rip them apart.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

we're exhausted

were we busy today. Mom was busy cooking for us. Dad took us for a walk, then lots of people came over. they brought us some toys and treats! we really liked that a lot! they pet us...played with us and fed us. we had lots of fun but it was realllly tiring for us. now we are ready for bed.

alle and ripley

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

yea, mom came home early!

Today was kinda was raining a lot so we didn't go out to play too we tried to drive dad crazy. Mom came home early today.

Rip here...i FINALLY have finished all my meds for my cough which is a lot better. We have dad trained though...he tried to be sneaky and put my pills i cream alle and i want him to give us that all the time! mom caught on to that though....she is really smart (like that is a good thing!!).

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

quiet day

we had a quiet day today...we ran around in the yard 3 times! Ripley is really trying to get me to run...silly girl!

Dad had to go out today...he let us have run of the house...but he forgot and when he got home, he was trying to figure out how we got out of the office....of course he did remember...darn...we thought we had him!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

busy day today!

hi there, ripley here again!

well, alle kept dad busy today! First she found a stuffed bird that mom got for dad. dad heard the sound and called mom to check if it was for us to play said took it away, he also moved some toys and put them up high cause mom said if alle got that she would get some other stuff


Dad did take us for a long walk with our new has to tweak them just a little...they slipped off our back just a little, but we still look pretty cool in them!

then this afternoon...alle found a bag that made great crunch noise.....the bad part is that dad heard her and came and got the bag. yes he called alle was not supposed to have it..she also chewed the handles off of some scissors mom had.

Alle is now sleeping...she has had a busy day....i have just watched her!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

what a night!

Hi there Ripley here.

Alle has really been keeping mom busy tonight. She is getting into EVERYTHING. She took one of dad's shoes out of the bedroom and mom caught her. Then she got on the couch and tried to take something off the end table, she got on the chair and tried to take some pants mom was working on, she then saw a toy on the wine rack that she caught her again and took it away, she then went back and took another that mom rescued. Then she somehow found mom's crab moshi caught her and put that away in a cabinet, then she went on mom and dad's bed, mom heard a noise and found that alle was playing with one of dad's shoes on the bed. is worn out, but she did finish our jackets so we have them when it gets cold!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

just another day

so, today was pretty uneventful. alle and i just played with a bunch of toys, and raced around the yard. there was a reason they retired alle early....she really is lazy...i have to force her to run. you would think she would enjoy running like i do...but noooooooo. she just rest on her beauty.

darn alle

Friday, November 21, 2008

Making up for yesterday

So this morning i was looking in the living room and i found a great soft looking thing that looked like it would be a good toy. Somehow dad heard me and came out and told me i couldn't have it. He took it away and put it really high up on something. Then i heard him call mom. Dad described it to her and i guess she told him it was a poupee cause he said that he took the poupee away and put it on top of a speaker.

Later on, he found me on the has a great pillow....sooooo soft. Dad told me i couldn't have mom's pillows and he hid them.

dad is suuuuuch a spoil sport.


P.S. Ripley's cough is much better and we look really cool in our new collars!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pretty easy day today

Well, today i think we were pretty good. I think we did drive dad a little crazy when we were playing with our toys...When mom came home she got us new collars and leashs. We thought we were going for a walk but mom was just putting our tags on our new collars. Mom says we look faaaaabulous!!!! Dad had to agree.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

trip to the doc

Well, dad took us to the doctor today cause Rip was coughing. The doctor was really nice...we got treats....yummmmmmmy! I weigh 66 stealth pounds...Rip is 60 pounds. So, about Rip's cough, the doctor thinks it is kennel cough but he had the nerve to say that i might have given it to her. She is now on antibiotics. It was funny to see dad give Rip her medicine this evening! He gave me some fish and hid her medicine in some fish as well. Rip didn't even know!!! Dad did almost lose some fingers though....he didn't move his fingers fast enough and Rip really wanted the fish!

Ripley here....Alle almost got in trouble again this afternoon...she wanted mom's moshi pillow. She had sooooooo much fun the other night when she found one with a hole in it. Mom came into the living room that night and couldn't believe her eyes and she called dad...she said it looked like it had been snowing in the room, then she brought out this scary machine that made lots of noise to get rid of all the snowy stuff.

Ripley and Alle

already this morning

Hi Alle here!
Gosh it has been a busy morning already. Dad was great!! He brought home some bag of stuff and i just ripped the bag up in the yard....What fun!!!! Somehow...i don't think dad was real happy. I also took his mp3 player off his desk...that i know he wasn't happy about (well after he found out it was his and not mom's). I probably am not really supposed to counter surf...but i had to see what the thing was about that dad wears when we go out....hmmmmm.....i wonder if he can find earphones for me.....

Just got onto this thing

Hi, Ripley here...I am the brindle and white greyhound and my sister, Alle, is the tall blonde (ok...actually fawn). We were former racers (well, i was anyway), sissy...not so much. I think she tried but not too hard. I am working with her in our yard, geeze she is lazy!! It is getting late, we are just getting used to this computer stuff.

Alle is bugging me 'cause she wants to talk but mom says we have to go to bed...will try to post again when mom isn't watching!

P.S...wrote this last night...just couldn't get how to post last night before mom made us go to bed!