Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm the Brains in this gang!

OMG! This is sooooo cool.

Yesterday, when dad was taking a nap, I peeked into the bedroom & figured he was napping too long (after all...he isn't a greyhound! chaaa).

But since I refuse to go thru the master bathroom to get into the bedroom, I had to figure out how to get him woke up without me going in there. Hellllllo Alle! I sent out our secret "Alert" sound (that humans can't hear) and, sure enough, that dumb blond came over and I sent her into the bedroom to wake dad. When she jumped up on the bed, that big body shook the whole thing and then (OMG this was great) she DROOLED on dad's head to make sure he was awake. Dad was...oh, what's the word...P O'd!

Yep, I'm the brains in this gang!

I trotted off but I think mom saw me. I wonder if she's smart enough to figure out what I did. (Uhhhh... I think I may be in trouble!)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Talk about tone deaf! sheeesh!

Late last night, there must have been a whole bunch of coyotes in the neighborhood, because they were howling like crazy! They were AWFUL...not to mention off key (not as lame as dad but, still, way bad). I started to roo, to show those slugs how it's done. But then I thought, if Ripley wasn't going to join in, why should I lose sleep (I only got 16 hours yesterday (chaaa) thanks to dad's death march walks and him constantly giving us treats), so I rolled over and went back to that favorite dream of mine.

Maybe I'll roo some later today. I'll wait till dad's on the phone. That always gets him to flap his arms like crazy and bulge out his eyes. Hilllll arious! BOLBOLBOLBOLBOLBOL!


Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, I guess no one else is going to blog about my second "exchange" with Alle, so I'll have to do it myself. Sure, mom put this T-shirt on me to keep me from riping out my NEW stitches and that restricts my movement, but I'll somehow try to type about...oh, did I forget to mention THAT MY SISTER ATTACKED ME AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT A WEEK AGO & TOOK AN EVEN BIGGER CHUNK OUT OF MY HIDE?!

Mom & dad keep us seperated now when we go to bed (I get our beds all to myself & Alle gets the couch, so there! BOLBOLBOL). I did manage to take a couple of nips out of Alle's hide so it wasn't entirely one sided - although I did get the worst of it by far (hey, she's bigger than me!).

Mom & dad are starting to think I caused the tiff but they can't prove anything. BOLBOLBOL, oooowwwww. (It hurts to laugh) *sigh*


Monday, November 8, 2010

well, I WAS feeling ok...

Saturday night, Allie & me got into a "wake the neighbors" growl fest around 3:00 a.m. Mom came in & Allie & me went out to pee but Allie didn't want to come back in. Mom had to drag her in and, the next morning, we found out why. The "Princess" must have felt guilty because she had taken a chunk out of my left side at my shoulder!!! Guess the bitch was scared of what mom or (gulp) dad would do to her if they found my wound.

Well, Sunday morning Allie led mom to my wound and showed it to her. Mom asked dad if we should go to the vet. Dad took one look at it and said, "Let's go...NOW"! Funny thing was...I felt pretty good. A little discomfort but I've had worse.

Well, I ended up spending over 5 hours at the vet, all before breakfast, and when I left, I didn't feel too good.

Now I have to take pills and mom wanted to put a T-shirt on me! (Haven't I suffered enough?!)

I need a nap. Hope Allie stays away or dad will kick her butt. (I can show dad where it is - it is kinda small)



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who was that bitch?!

Dad went to the store yesterday and when he came back...Rip & I could smell ANOTHER DOG'S SCENT on him!!!!! OMG! Sure he brought us treats, but we could smell ANOTHER DOG'S SCENT on him!!!!!

We sniffed his arms and chest for over 10 minutes and there's no doubt. Some bitch was rubbing up on him real good. We saw some stray, long white hairs on his shirt too. grrrrrrr

Dad described what that little home wrecker looked like and mom said it was a samoyed with blue eyes. It tries that again and it's gonna have BLACK & blue eyes! BOLBOLBOLBOL!!!

p.s.'s really windy out today. Hope we still get out for a walk.

Monday, October 4, 2010

TWO walks! Yea!

Oh this weekend was soooooo wonderful. we went for some great walks! Yesterday dad took us out for a walk in the was starting to get a little hot...and dad told us he was waiting for some guy to change the tire on mom's car...WHATEVER!! the important thing is...we got a walk!!! then mom took us for a walk later in the afternoon...there was a "gourmet food truck" near our house...mmmmmmmm the food smelled sooooooo said we weren't stopping there, darn...did we say that the food smelled sooooooo good. lots of people pet us and told us how pretty we!!! today it is a little drizzly...wonder if dad will take us out with our new coats on?


ripley and alle

Thursday, September 16, 2010

mom's birthday

bolbolbol!!!! today was mom's birthday!!!! we got her some birthday cards. Mom was coming to thank us when she saw me....I found her a mouse!!! I think she was really happy. She called dad then was pulling me out of the office. When she let us back in the mouse wasn't there any more. it was a very strange looked like it was stuck on wasn't moving very fast. Anyway mom seemed very so much.

Later Alle went into the bathroom and took out one of the nice squishy pads out of the bathtub and put it on the just shook her head when she came home.

it was such a good day!!!